International Shipping tracking using AI Technology

At Sanelo, we aim to update you at every stage of your relocation journey. Moving can be stressful, whether you are moving within the country or relocating abroad. We are here to help you. As an international relocation company we understand the many layers to overseas shipping. So, we are here to make planning a move even easier with AI technology.

This includes our international shipping tracking, offering a customer dashboard with full over sight of your shipment progress.  Using our technology, you can view the progress of your shipment 24 hours a day. This will give you live updates and estimated dates of your belongings at each stage of the journey.

What information is available in the Sanelo shipping page?

  • Advanced predictive analytics aiming to give you the best visibility on when your shipment will arrive
  • Key stops and transshipments to your destination country
  • Full view of the shipping timeline. This includes the dates when your cargo is in port and arriving at the next/final port. 
  • Port to port visibility

Your dedicated relocation expert will send updates throughout the shipping journey. Giving you the time to plan and organise your arrival date to your new home. We will always be there on hand during your relocation journey, giving you that much needed peace of mind.

Shipment Progress Tracker

The tracker showcases the shipment timeline, from your origin country, all the way to its final port. Plus, you will be able to see the expected time and arrival at each stage of the journey.

Country to Country Visibility

You will be able to track your personal belongings as they make their way across the world. We highlight key sites and ports, so you have complete transparency of any delays if they were to occur.

Delays with Shipment

Unfortunately, there can always be delays while your goods transit to your new home. Based on our experience, congestion at various ports worldwide can cause delays. This therefore has a knock on impact on the clearance of your shipment upon arrival.

Our Commitment to You

Despite the many challenges that shipping overseas can bring. We remain fully committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service. Our aim is always to ensure the safe delivery of your belongings.

Our team is always monitoring the situation, so we can be fully aware of any changes to the timetable. We closely collaborate with our partners and make every effort to confirm if your shipment is affected.

Your relocation expert will be a primary point of contact. They will offer personalised assistance and addressing any concerns you may have along the way.

An outstanding team who came on time and were so efficient, courteous and professional. They were organised and packing was completed on time. I would highly recommend Sanelo Relocation Services

Are you planning to move overseas?

With over 130 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on being one of the top international moving companies. We’ve helped thousands of customers in relocating worldwide. Which include popular destinations such as Hong Kong, USA, Singapore, Australia, and the UK.

With our years of experience, we understand how complicated relocating abroad can be. It includes understanding tricky paperwork, organising timelines and making sure they all fall into place. However, we want to take the stress out of relocating and give you back the time to enjoy this new adventure.

Our long term goal is to make every move as seamless and stress free as possible. We offer a door to door service, professional un-packing and packing and secure storage solutions. Alongside our expertise we also offer technology solutions, including shipping tracking and video surveys.

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