Pre-Move Consultation

We'll help you make a plan to move all your stuff

Once you figure out the “Where” of your move, the next big question is “How?” Sanelo’s team are experts on how to make any move, big or small, successful. Figuring out how to move your belongings safely to your new home starts with a pre-move consultation. Your consultant coordinate a pre-move survey to understand your unique requirements and get you a moving quote to make your relocation a seamless experience.

Unpacking the Benefits of a Moving Consultation

A pre-move consultation allows us to learn what is unique about your move. No two moves are the same, even if they start and end in the same place. A moving consultation helps us get to know you and your household, whether it’s learning your scheduling requirements or figuring out how to move your most fragile items.

Part of a pre-move consultation is our moving survey. Sanelo uses cutting-edge, AI-powered, virtual solutions to scan every belonging, room by room, for an accurate estimate. A survey technician will talk you through capturing video of every room in your house to make sure you get clear footage of everything you plan to move. Then, the technician will categorize everything in your video to create a visual inventory of every item you plan to move.

We also have good old fashioned in-house pre-move surveys where our pre-move consultant will come to your home and you will lead them through the requirements of your move. This type of personal service helps sets us apart from our competition and makes it all about you.

That means your moving team arrives on moving day with advanced knowledge of everything that needs to be packed and transported – even the random things in the cabinet beneath your kitchen sink!

Once your pre-move consultation is complete, all of your questions will be answered and all of your belongings will be inventoried. Then, it’s time to get moving!


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