Dedicated Relocation Expert

Your personal guide to the moving process

Every move with Sanelo includes a dedicated relocation expert. Our relocation experts are with you through every step of the process from your initial home survey, through delivery and settling into your new home. Our move coordinators make sure that every moving service meets your needs and fits your schedule.

Relocation Experts take the stress and guesswork out of moving

All moves can be stressful, whether they’re down the block or around the world. Even planning for your packing process can be difficult – and that’s before the boxes start stacking up!

That’s where your relocation expert makes a difference. The role of a relocation expert goes beyond simply planning the logistics of packing your boxes, they will make sure your moving services happen on-schedule. That begins with your pre-move survey, continues through pack and removal, and continues as your items go on their own journey. Your move coordinator can even assist you with tracking your belongings as they move across a country or around the world to reach your new home.

For international moving, it’s important to understand the importing and customs rules of your destination. Your move coordinator will compare the information from your pre-move survey with published guidelines for customs and import regulations for your destination country. Relocation coordinators are able to anticipate special clearances or customs examinations your things might require to reach your new home.

From packing lists and shipment bookings to custom clearance and paperwork we manage absolutely everything so you don’t have to.

When it comes to making a move, you don’t want to do it alone. With a dedicated Move Coordinator on your team, a local move or international relocation becomes an organized, manageable process instead of a daunting task.

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