Moving/Relocating To Manchester: 7 Insider Secrets Revealed

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There are many reasons why moving to Manchester is a good decision. This city offers a friendly community, culture, food scene, and affordability.

We will reveal 7 insider secrets about living in Manchester. Starting with some facts worth knowing, we’ll share with you the best places to live in Manchester, the cost of living in Manchester, and many more.

You will find out what you need to prepare to settle in Manchester after reading this article.

1. Revealed: The Underrated Facts About What It Is Like Living In Manchester

The sports fans must be familiar with Manchester. Besides football, this city has more to offer, and you need to learn about some of its facts before living here. You will have an idea of how to adapt to the new environment if you know these underrated facts.

Weather In Manchester

Manchester experiences an oceanic climate, where the winters are pretty cold, while the summers are warm. This climate gives Manchester frequent rainfall all year round.

With no extreme weather all year, Manchester is an excellent place to visit anytime in the whole year. Outdoor activities are no problem, even during the winter.

A City With Cultural Diversity

Manchester is a city with a long history and cultural diversity. The civilian’s settlement in Manchester started in AD 79. In 1853, Manchester earned its city status during the Industrial Revolution.

Since then, many people have moved to Manchester to find better job opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Until now, many people worldwide have been moving to Manchester to work or study.

Its history and diversity contribute to the culture in Manchester. If you go to the Manchester city centre, you will find a street art trail, museums and galleries that showcase the history and culture in Manchester.

Hidden Gem For Culinary Destination

Adapting to a new city means you should get yourself used to the taste of the local food. Luckily, Manchester has local delicacies that are iconic and tasty.

Here are some of the most famous dishes in Manchester that you should try:
black pudding;

  • Manchester tart;
  • Eccles cake;
  • pasty barn; and
  • Vimto.

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2. Find The Best Places To Live In Manchester

When searching for a place to live, you need to identify your needs. Some people need to live near the city centre, and some don’t. Therefore, ensure that the neighbourhood you choose suits your needs and lifestyle.

Below are some of the recommended neighbourhoods to live in Manchester.


This neighbourhood was voted as the fourth best place to live in England. Sale is a perfect place to raise a family, with abundant good schools in the neighbourhood. It is also not far from the Manchester business district.

You will find many options for the house styles in Sale, from modern apartments to Victorian and Edwardian style houses. Finding an area that suits your needs and lifestyle is not too challenging in Manchester.

The housing prices in this area are relatively high. A semi-detached house can cost over £300,000. On the other hand, the monthly rent for most apartments is over £1,000.


Altrincham is one of the best places to live in the North West of England. It is located in the Greater Manchester area, eight miles southwest of the city centre.

Altrincham offers the amenities you need, such as restaurants, bars, parks, transport links to the city and airport, and top schools. With excellent amenities, this neighbourhood is perfect for families and young professionals.

The average house price in Altrincham can reach £534,137 as this area is affluent. If you plan to rent, the average monthly rent for an apartment in this area is £1,400.


Chorlton is a suburb in Manchester which is quite far from the city centre. Due to the distance from the busy city, Chorlton offers a great vibe that gives its residents a sense of community.

Chorlton is famous for its sustainable lifestyle stores, independent bars, cafés, and shops. This area is perfect for families, young couples, and young professionals to live.

With all the benefits that Chorlton can offer, the average property price in this area is still reasonable, at £361,261, and the average monthly rent for an apartment is £900.

3. Defeat The Cost Of Living In Manchester

Manchester is not necessarily a cheap place to live in the UK. However, the cost of living in Manchester is 35% more affordable than in London. Therefore, it is a great city if you want to enjoy the perks of living in major cities on a budget.

The monthly spending of a family of four is estimated to be £2,410 without rent, and the monthly spending for a single person is around £688.06 without rent.

To defeat the cost of living in Manchester, you can try these tricks to save more money:

  • find out when the supermarkets offer discounts;
  • buy the supermarkets own brands;
  • switch off the room heater when the house is empty; and
  • join free events rather than the paid ones to have fun.

4. Manchester Economy Offers More Opportunities Than You Thought

The employment rate in Manchester is relatively high, at 68.8%. This data shows that Manchester has opportunities for everyone.

The biggest industries that have been the major contributors to the economy in Manchester are wholesale and retail, hospitality, tourism and sports, and construction. The other growing sectors in this city are financial, legal and business services, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and environmental technologies.

If you have expertise and experience in the sectors above, you can advance your career in Manchester. However, do not hesitate to dive into the Manchester job market if you have expertise in different industries because you will likely find any job openings that suit your skills.

5. This Is How You Get Around In Manchester

Going around Manchester is enjoyable due to the excellent public transport network. You will find various means of public transportation such as buses, trams, and trains. Besides that, there are also taxis and rideshares if you want a more comfortable trip.

For the cheapest option to go around the city, you can ride a bicycle. There are cycling tracks across the city, especially in the university areas.

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6. Manchester Is More Than Football: Most Recommended Places To Visit In Manchester

Manchester is a beautiful city with excellent recreational places and grand buildings. We will recommend some of the best places to visit in Manchester, including the famous landmarks.

The following places are the best for recreation and are family-friendly:

  • Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden;
  • Manchester Art Gallery;
  • Castlefield; and
  • Heaton Park.

Manchester also has beautiful landmarks that you should see on your off days. Some of the most recommended buildings to see are as follows:

  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church;
  • Manchester Cathedral;
  • Manchester Town Hall;
  • Manchester Arena; and
  • Beetham Tower.

7. Get Along With The Locals At Festivals

In Manchester, you will not run out of ideas of what to do the whole year. Join Manchester’s festivals and sports events to have fun while learning more about the local culture.

For your reference, below are some festivals that you must experience in Manchester:

  • Manchester International Festival;
  • Sounds of the City;
  • King Street Festival;
  • Manchester Food & Drink Festival; and
  • Manchester Festival of Nature.

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Conclusion About Moving To Manchester

Living in Manchester gives you access to job opportunities, great education services, a friendly community, good foods, and beautiful buildings to see.

Overall, Manchester is a great place to live because it offers the perks of big cities on a budget. The cost of living in Manchester is still reasonable considering Manchester’s amenities and status as one of the favourite tourist’s destinations.

Manchester is also filled with beautiful landmarks and great recreational places. There are even free activities that you can do around the city such as going to museums, libraries, and picnicking.

Joining festivals and sports events is a great way to come out of your expat bubble. You can meet many locals at these events and make friends with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Manchester

What Is The Poshest Part Of Manchester?

Celebrities, Premier League footballers, and entrepreneurs in Manchester mostly live in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury. These areas are the poshest parts in Manchester with expensive houses and a pleasant countryside vibe.

How Much Do I Need To Earn To Live In Manchester?

It would be best to have a minimum income of £14,400 a year to afford a decent lifestyle in Manchester.

Is Manchester A Good Place For Expats?

Manchester is a good place for expats. This city offers lifestyles that match anyone’s needs regardless of the home country.

On top of that, the Manchester residents are friendly and welcoming.

How Do I Contact Sanelo To Ship My Packages To Manchester?

Visit our official website to start a quote with us. For more information or consult your moving situation, contact us via email or phone. Our team is ready to guide you through the process.

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