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Compare your exchange rates and fees with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION currency consultation. Money saved could pay towards the cost of your moved! Transferring money is more than just about what the current exchange rate is at the time, so it’s worth talking to a Currency Specialist. We can provide options, insights, information and guidance to help you get the timing right to ensure you receive the best possible exchange rates, within your time frame. Getting the timing right, could mean significant gain when transferring money.

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Why choose Halo?

COMPARE RATES for international money transfers when you are relocating to a new country with our FREE, NO OBLIGATION currency consultation. 

Halo has been operating for almost 20 years and helps clients transfer money all over the world every day. Their experienced team of Currency Specialists will create a bespoke and effective foreign exchange solution for you, so you can achieve great rates, and remember Halo does not charge a fee to transfer your money. You will be allocated a dedicated Currency Consultant who will work closely with you to understand the rates you would like to achieve, and your time frame, so that you can take advantage of exchange rate movement.

Customer relationships are at the heart of what Halo does, this means that their friendly team will always be on-hand throughout the transfer process, so you can always make informed decisions with your money. 

Complete the form above with your details, and one of our currency specialists will be in touch.  

Service Inclusions

  • Global currencies
  • Dedicated consultant
  • Authorised by financial conduct authority


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