HSBC Expat: Additional Moving Services with Sanelo

What is HSBC Expat?

When relocating abroad you may think you need more than one bank account, one in your origin country and one for your destination country. But with Expat bank account with HSBC this isn’t the case!

Opening an Expat bank account through HSBC, your money stays in one place, even if you don’t! Sanelo customers get an exclusive perk! You can open a HSBC Expat Bank Account with a minimum income of £30,000 per year. That’s lower than the usual requirement of £50,000 for non-Sanelo customers.

Whether you are a new customer or not, you can create a Expat HSBC account, just don’t forget your HSBC Expat login!

To assist you all you need to do is complete the below information and one of our experts from HSBC Expat will be in touch

Having a HSBC Expat account has so much to offer

This bank account allows you to open multiple savings accounts in different currencies. You can manage all your finances in one place on a mobile app and receive special rates. Once you have moved you will be able to pay like a local.

Discover more about HSBC Expat

Head over to their dedicated Sanelo page to find out more and apply!

HSBC account non-Sanelo customer vs Sanelo Customer

What are the differences?

Non-Sanelo Customer

  • Save or invest at least £50,000 (or currency equivalent) within 3 months of opening your account, or,
  • Have a salary of at least £100,000 (or currency equivalent), or
  • Already be an HSBC Premier customer in another country or region

Sanelo Customer

  • Save or invest at least £15,000 (or currency equivalent) within 3 months of opening your account, or
  • Have a salary of at least £30,000 (or currency equivalent)

Exclusive reduction on money needed in your account, for Sanelo customers only! HSBC makes the applying process super easy. You can choose either a HSBC Premier Expat Account or a HSBC Advanced Expat Account, what ever suits your needs better!

Here at Sanelo, we understand that relocation isn’t just moving from A to B it is so much more than that. We are with you every step of the way. We offer assistance even after you move into your new home.

We partner with HSBC to offer special benefits and support to thank you for being a Sanelo customer.

Moving with your family?

Set up a Little Expat savings account for your children too! Just like the HSBC Expat account, your child’s savings are all in one place, no matter where you are moving to!

The HSBC Expat interest rates for the Little Expat account depends on your currency and how much savings are in their account. So make sure to get saving!

To set up a Little Expat account, you yourself must also have an Expat account through HSBC.

Just like your relocation journey with Sanelo, HSBC Expat allows for that continued simple, seamless and stress-free transitions. To check if you’re eligible click the link below and get your money moving today! 


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