Moving/Relocating to El Paso: 10 Top Secrets You Will Be Grateful To Know Before Moving To El Paso

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El Paso, Texas, is the place you are looking for if you want affordability and big-city amenities. Moving to El Paso, TX, is also a great decision if you’re going to live in a city with steady economic growth.

This city is a place with cultural diversity, great restaurants, and a beautiful landscape. When living in El Paso, you can take the word boring out of your life.

This article will serve you with information that you need to know before moving to El Paso, including fun facts, the cost of living in El Paso, TX, and the best food you have to try in this city.

1. The Little-Known Facts About Living In El Paso, TX

El Paso is an interesting city. Below are some fun facts about the city to give you an idea of what it is like living in El Paso, TX.

Soak Up In The Sun

El Paso is the sunniest city in Texas. That’s why this city is also called Sun City.

On average, El Paso gets 297 to 302 days of sun in a year. The summers in El Paso are arid, and the winters are dry. However, this city still gets 7 inches of snowfall in the winter. The coldest winter night can reach -4 °C or 28 °F.

With a desert climate, El Paso can be hot during the day and cold at night. The hottest month in El Paso is June, where the temperature rises to 42 °C or 108 °F.

Birthplace Of Tequila-Based Margarita

Do you know that tequila-based margarita was born in El Paso?

Legend has it that margarita was first introduced in the 1940s in El Paso. A bartender named Pancho Morales created the drink by mistake when a woman ordered a Magnolia.

Now, the margarita is an iconic drink in El Paso. You cannot go wrong when ordering margaritas at Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants and bars. Some places even develop new flavours to satisfy the taste of more people.

El Paso’s Red Star

In October, the star on the Franklin Mountains will turn red to commemorate Red Ribbon Week, Fire Prevention Week and National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Red Ribbon Week is a campaign about drugs and violence prevention awareness. This campaign aims to promote living a drug-free life and curb the endeavours of the drug cartels.

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2. The Best Place To Live In El Paso

Yes, El Paso is one of the safest places in America. Therefore, you can pick any area to work in and live in peace. Here are three safe and affordable neighbourhoods we recommend.

Castner Heights

This neighbourhood is one of the safest places in El Paso. The close proximity to a United States Army post, Fort Bliss, makes Castner Heights the perfect neighbourhood for military families.

This neighbourhood is also walkable and has good parks and other amenities for its residents. Castner Heights is home to young professionals, families, and even retirees.

In addition to its safety, the housing prices in this area are also affordable. The median home price is $135,250, and the median monthly rent is $838. For a big city, these prices are relatively low.

Mesa Hills

Mesa Hills sits between the Rio Grande and the Franklin Mountains. This neighbourhood is quiet and has easy access to El Paso’s great outdoors.

The housing prices in this area are budget-friendly. The median monthly rent in Mesa Hills is $723. If you plan to purchase a home, the median house price is $74,871.

Houses in Mesa Hills vary in style. You will find houses with classic Spanish style, traditional single-family homes, and modern-style constructions.

With affordable housing prices, high safety rates, and excellent amenities, Mesa Hills is a place for everyone. Its residents are single and married young professionals, families, and retirees.

Album Park

Album Park is only 20 minutes drive from downtown El Paso. It is a family-friendly neighbourhood with top schools, restaurants, and parks. Your children will find plenty of spaces to do various outdoor activities.

You will also find various housing options, including apartments, Spanish and Mission-style homes, modern stucco homes, and new modern constructions. The median housing prices are relatively affordable, with $128,610 for median home price and $783 for median monthly rent.

This neighbourhood is not only perfect for families, but also for singles, young professionals, and retirees. Album Park has a low crime rate, so it is safe for everyone to live.

3. The Abundant Job Opportunities

As the sixth-largest city in Texas, the job market in El Paso is quite competitive. The future job growth in El Paso is projected to be 35.9%, higher than the national future growth, of 33.5%.

Major sectors that contribute to the economy of El Paso include business and financial services, food processing, manufacturing, military, retail, logistics, and transportation.

We also cannot forget medical and education services since The University of Texas at El Paso, and Las Palmas Medical Center are some of the biggest employers in El Paso.

It is advised that you find a job before moving to El Paso. This way, you will be financially secured.

4. Take Advantage Of The Affordable Cost Of Living In El Paso, TX

It is not a secret that the cost of living in El Paso is affordable. On top of that, you do not have to pay state income tax.

The overall cost of living in El Paso is 10% lower than the national average. Even the housing cost is 22% lower than the national average.

The estimated monthly expenses without rent in El Paso is $2,638 for families and $770 for singles. This fact makes El Paso one of the best cities for young professionals and retirees that need affordability and safety.

The best way to take advantage of the affordability in El Paso is by saving your money for the future. If you plan to spend your retirement years in El Paso, investing in a house while you are still productive will be wise.

5. City To Pursue A Higher Education

There are about seven colleges in El Paso, including four private colleges and universities, two public colleges and universities, and one community college.

If your goal is to earn professional certification with a short education period, you may want to consider El Paso Community College. This college does not include SAT or ACT as the requirements. The applicants only need to submit their transcript for the admission process.

Another university that you can consider is The University Of Texas El Paso (UTEP). They offer programmes ranging from bachelor’s to doctoral degrees. UTEP is also a top tier doctoral university with high research activities.

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6. Family-Friendly City Attractions

It is not difficult to find family-friendly attractions around the city. Even if you do not have kids, these places are still perfect recreational options for you.

El Paso Municipal Rose Garden

The abundance of sunshine makes El Paso a perfect place for hundreds of rose varieties. El Paso Municipal Rose Garden adds new roses to its collection each year. Now, there are more than 400 varieties of roses in this garden.

This rose garden is open to the public from March to November. The good news is, you can enjoy this beautiful garden for free!

El Paso Zoo

A zoo is an excellent place for you and your family to learn and have fun at the same time. El Paso Zoo has collections of animals worldwide, including native animals.

Check their daily attractions schedule to help you plan your visit. To spice up your special events, El Paso Zoo has venues that allow you and your guest to get a view of the zoo grounds. You can also plan an animal-themed birthday party for your children in the zoo area.

7. Explore The Sun City: Enjoy The Outdoor Adventures

Living in El Paso means you will have plenty of options for outdoor adventures. This city has parks that offer great scenery and fun outdoor activities.

The parks that we recommend below are the must-visits once you settle in El Paso.

Franklin Mountains State Park

This state park is only a 15 minutes drive from the city of El Paso. The Franklin Mountains have a beautiful desert mountain area that you can explore.

People come to this state park to enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and rock climbing. Plan a visit to this park with your friends or colleagues for a more fun adventure.

Keystone Heritage Park

This 52 acres park consists of wetlands & the remains of an ancient village, botanical gardens, and a venue for weddings or other special events.

There are special tours available for the visitors. You can see the beautiful botanical collection and hundreds of bird species at the park’s wetlands during this tour.

You will also learn about the archaeological findings preserved in this wetlands area. Make sure to check the operating hours and admission information before going to Keystone Heritage Park.

Hueco Tanks State Park

Hueco Tanks is considered one of the best places for rock climbers. This park consists of three syenites (a weak form of granite) mountains to test your bouldering skill.

To enjoy a tour around the low mountains and historic site of Hueco Tanks State Park, you must make a reservation in advance. This state park also provides camping and showers facilities for $12 per night.

8. Get Into The Festival Scenes!

Do not forget to have fun when you live in El Paso by joining the festivals. Some of the festivals you can look forward to are Sun City Craft Beer fest, Neon Desert Music Festival, Sun City Pride Festival, and Plaza Classic Film Fest.

These festivals give you plenty of opportunities to get closer to your local friends. You will be grateful that you spare your time to make fun memories with them.

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9. Step Up Your Foodie Experience

Your living experience in El Paso would not be complete without trying the food. Here are two iconic dishes of El Paso that are uniquely delicious.

Steak Tacos

Steak tacos are steak that is served with tacos and topped with cilantro. The dish also comes with rice, beans, and vegetables.

The most recommended place for steak tacos is La Malinche. This restaurant serves you four nicely sized tacos with steak. Try to have this classic Mexican dish for your lunch once in a while.


Gordita is a Mexican dish that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is a corn tortilla filled with meat, cheese, and occasionally lettuce.

Most of the time, this dish is served with rice, tomatoes, and beans. For breakfast, people usually enjoy gorditas with soup.

10. This Is How You Get Around In El Paso!

Sun Metro is the main public transportation provider in El Paso. They have buses that can take you around the city. Sun Metro also provides transportation services for residents with disabilities.

There is also a streetcar service where you can enjoy a performance during the ride for recreation. This service is free. You only need to check the schedule and guidelines on their website.

If you want more convenient transportation, there are Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, and other rideshare services available in El Paso. You’ll be able to get around El Paso comfortably even without owning a car.

Conclusion About Moving To El Paso

El Paso is a large city with multicultural residents. Living in El Paso means you will get plenty of sunshine and a mild winter.

Another interesting thing about El Paso is its low cost of living. With overall living expenses in this city being 10% lower than the national average, El Paso is an excellent place for young professionals, families, and retirees.

Sun City is also a place for career opportunities. The economic growth in El Paso is relatively stable, so you can expect more job growth in the future.

El Paso, TX, is also a family-friendly city. It has great educational institutions and many recreational options for all ages. If you and your family love outdoor adventure, El Paso has parks that offer various outdoor activities.

To make your life in El Paso easier, make sure to learn about its public transportation. Knowing this will help you get around the city even though you do not have a car.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To El Paso

Is El Paso A Safe Place To Live?

According to a study from AdvisorSmith, El Paso is the third safest large city in America. The violent crime rate is 11.4 per 1,000 residents, and the property rate is 12.4.

Can You Drink Tap Water In El Paso?

The tap water in El Paso meets the regulatory standard and is safe to drink. The water contains magnesium and calcium, which is desirable for good cardiovascular health.

When Is The Best Time To Move To El Paso, TX?

Most people come to El Paso from March to May and between September and November due to the pleasant temperature. However, you can move to El Paso anytime since the weather is mostly sunny.

Can Sanelo Help Me To Move To El Paso From Overseas?

Yes! Contact us to consult about your moving plan, then start your quote with us. Sanelo has the experience of helping thousands of local and international moving. You can rest assured when you engage Sanelo during your moving process.

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