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Moving/Relocating To Frankfurt: 7 Tips That Really That Will Really Help You To Settle In

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Frankfurt is one of the biggest cities in Germany. This city is also home to the European Central Bank and many international companies.

Living in Frankfurt will not only get you closer to better career or education opportunities but also rich German culture and an excellent living environment.

We will share 7 tips you need to know before moving to Frankfurt. You’ll also find out more about life in Frankfurt, the best neighbourhoods, the most significant industries, recreational places, and the cost of living in Frankfurt.

1. Find Out What It Is Like Living In Frankfurt, Germany

It is crucial to learn the basic facts about living in this city to help you embrace life in Frankfurt. Here we share three facts that will give you insight into life in Frankfurt.

Weather In Frankfurt

The weather in Frankfurt is warm in the summer, while the winter is cold, windy, and partly cloudy. However, you’ll find that Frankfurt residents will still partake in outdoor activities all year round since this city does not experience extreme heat or cold.

The temperatures in Frankfurt are generally between 30°F (-1.1°C) to 77°F (25°C) throughout the year. Frankfurt experiences the coldest temperature in January when the average temperatures are between 30°F (-1.1°C) to 39.6°F (4.2°C).

Another thing that you need to be well prepared for is the rainy days. On average, this city gets 169 rainy days throughout the year.

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for all German residents and visitors, whether employed or unemployed, to have their healthcare covered.

Therefore, before moving to Frankfurt, it is important to confirm your health insurance with your employer. If you want better healthcare coverage, you can sign up with a private health insurance company once you are in Frankfurt.

The Local Dishes Are Amazing

Learning German culture can be done by exploring the food scene. Frankfurt has its own specialities that have become the locals’ favourites.

To help you start your culinary journey, here are some of the must-try dishes you can find in Frankfurt:

  • Frankfurter sausages,
  • Frankfurter Kranz,
  • green sauce, and
  • Frankfurt loin ribs.

The taste of the above dishes is suitable for everyone, even foreigners. To explore more dishes in Frankfurt, you can ask for recommendations from your local friends.

To make your culinary adventure even more fun, try the apfelwein (apple wine). This drink has been the locals’ favourite since 250 years ago.

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2. Find Out Where Are The Best Places To Live In Frankfurt

Frankfurt offers lovely areas to live in. With a bit of research and recommendation, you will find the neighbourhood that fits your needs.

When you search for an area to live in, there are several factors that you need to consider. The area should ideally offer amenities, safety, affordability, and a vibe that suits your lifestyle.

Below are some neighbourhoods in Frankfurt that offer excellent amenities, safety, and are suitable for singles and families.

  • Bockenheim,
  • Ostend,
  • Kronberg, and
  • Höchst.

Besides the above neighbourhoods, Westend is also a lovely area to live in. It is the wealthiest neighbourhood in Frankfurt.

If you have the budget and prefer to live in a posh area, Westend is an excellent place for you.

3. Make A Monthly Budget Based On The Average Cost Of Living In Frankfurt

The cost of living in Frankfurt is relatively high. It is even 11% higher than the average living expenses in Berlin.

Excluding the rent, the estimated monthly need for a family of four is €3,039 and for a single person is €897. The average monthly rent in Frankfurt is €868.91.

One of the best ways to cut your monthly expenses is by living outside the city centre area. Frankfurt has a good transportation system. It means you shouldn’t be worried about commuting even if you are living on the outskirts of the city.

4. Hunt For Job Opportunities In Frankfurt’s Biggest Industries

Traditionally, Frankfurt is known for its sausage production. However, nowadays, a large variety of industries are growing in Frankfurt.

Here are some of the main sectors in Frankfurt for your reference:

  • chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • financial services,
  • IT,
  • creative industries, and
  • logistics.

Before moving to Frankfurt, make sure you find a job to secure your income. Usually, you will be able to find employment opportunities online or by referral.

5. Enrol At The Best Universities In Frankfurt

Frankfurt is known to have some of the best universities in Germany. These universities have a myriad of programs that will benefit various career pursuits.

You can check out the following universities as your reference:

  • Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences,
  • Goethe University Frankfurt,
  • The Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts,
  • Sankt Georgen Graduate School of Philosophy and Theology, and
  • University of Banking of Frankfurt.

For those who want to pursue higher education and work at the same time, you may contact the universities to find out more about the available remote classes.

6. Explore Frankfurt By Taking Public Transport

Frankfurt has an excellent public transportation system. You will find trams, buses, S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines.

In addition, there are also taxis as an alternative if you want to travel more conveniently. However, finding taxis can be challenging if there are conventions or big local events.

Getting to the airport is also convenient in Frankfurt! There is a bus that will take you to Frankfurt Airport. This will make your trip to and from the airport cheaper than if you take a taxi.

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7. Get The Best Experience In Frankfurt By Visiting These Places

Frankfurt is a city with historical sites and beautiful architecture. That’s why you should explore the beauty of Frankfurt’s landmarks and enjoy the views.

Below are some of the famous landmarks in Frankfurt that are worth visiting:

  • Old Nicholas Church (Alte Nikolaikirche),
  • Bockenheimer Warte,
  • Roemerberg,
  • Mainkai,
  • Cathedral of St. Bartholomew (Dom St. Bartholomaus), and
  • Main Tower

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For those who love nature, Frankfurt also has beautiful parks and green spaces such as:

  • Brentanopark,
  • Palmengarten, and
  • Koreanischer Garten.

For more exciting places, you can also ask for recommendations from your local friends. Ask them if they can show you around the city on weekends or on your off days.

Conclusion About Moving To Frankfurt

If you plan to move to Frankfurt, you must be well prepared. Some of the preparations include finding basic facts about Frankfurt, securing a job, finding the best neighbourhood, and learning about living expenses.

Frankfurt is a vibrant city with many attractions around the city. Visiting the landmarks and gardens in Frankfurt will be an excellent experience for you. You will learn more about the culture and history of this city while enjoying the beautiful views.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Frankfurt

Is Frankfurt A Nice Place To Live?

Frankfurt is one of the best cities to live in Germany. This city is well connected, safe, and has a good healthcare service.

Is Frankfurt A Good City For Expats?

Frankfurt is an excellent destination for expats. You can meet other expats in Frankfurt easily by joining the expat communities.

In general, the people in Frankfurt are open-minded and friendly. Frankfurt is also a great city for expat families to raise their children in a multicultural and multilingual environment.

How Much Should I Earn Monthly To Live In Frankfurt, Germany?

On average, working people in Frankfurt make around €4,050 monthly. This salary is enough to afford the living expenses, including rent in Frankfurt.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before My Moving Trip?

Ideally, you need to contact Sanelo three or two months before the moving date. This way, our team will have the time to schedule a shipment slot for you.

Contact us to get more information and consult your relocation needs. Our team will walk you through the process and make your relocation stress-free.

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