Moving/Relocating To Glasgow: 10 Most Practical Advice To Prepare For Your Move

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If you’re still wondering whether moving to Glasgow is a good idea, this article will help you reach a conclusion.

People living in Glasgow enjoy so many benefits, especially in terms of the quality of life. The cost of living in Glasgow is considerably lower than in most cities in the country and steady economic growth leads to job growth for its residents.

Yes, there are the best places to live in Glasgow. However, no matter where you choose to live, you still have access to green spaces, restaurants, shops, and other city amenities.

Here we have compiled the 9 most practical pieces of advice to help you prepare before you head to Glasgow, Scotland.

1. Get An Idea Of What Living In Glasgow Is Like

Overall, Glasgow is a nice city for everyone to work and live in. To help you adapt to the new environment, here are some basic facts about Glasgow. These facts will give you an idea of what it is like to live in Glasgow.

The Weather In Glasgow

The climate in Glasgow is classified as oceanic, in which the winters are cold, wet, windy and tend to last longer. However, the summers in Glasgow are still cool.

It is rare for the temperatures to rise above 74°F (23.3°C) or dip below 22°F (-5.5°C). This city does not get too much snow, even in the coldest month. Instead, Glasgow gets more days of rain compared to anywhere in the UK.

It Is Easy To Get Around

One of the perks of living in Glasgow is the transportation system. You can get around the city by bus, train or subway. If you want to bike, there is Nextbike, a service with 700 bikes to rent.

On top of that, Glasgow is a walkable city. It is nice to walk around Glasgow, especially in the city centre. You can appreciate the magnificent architecture while you are on foot.

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2. Do Your Research To Find The Best Places To Live In Glasgow

Safety should be your priority when searching for an area to reside. In Glasgow, there are safe areas perfect for anyone, such as singles, families, and retirees.

Here are some of the safest areas in Glasgow:

  • Shawlands;
  • Giffnock;
  • Scotstoun;
  • Hillhead; and
  • Central Glasgow.

Scotstoun, Giffnock, and Shawlands are not only safe but also affordable. The average housing price in these areas is below £300,000.

Usually, the residential areas around top schools have higher prices. For example, the Hillhead area has relatively higher property prices than most Glasgow neighbourhoods. It is because this area has the largest primary school in the country, Hillhead Primary School.

3. Cost Of Living In Glasgow: How You Can Stretch Your Money Further

Glasgow’s overall cost of living is 10% lower than the national average. Excluding housing costs, it is estimated that the monthly expenses for a family of four and a single person are £2,208 and £626 respectively.

In Scotland, the higher your salary, the more tax you pay. However, you can look forward to the Council Tax Free Months, where you do not have to pay tax for two months. In 2022, the Council Tax Free months are February and March.

With the current average salary in Glasgow around £30,000, many can afford the cost of living in Glasgow. If you want to save more money, you can try these tips:

  • share a flat or a house with your friend;
  • live in an area with lower housing prices;
  • find alternative stores for groceries and clothes; and
  • ask your local friends for inexpensive restaurant options.

4. Glasgow Is A Family-Friendly City

Glasgow is perfect for families, including young families who wish to raise a child here. This city has child-friendly attractions, parks, excellent schools, and universities.

Your children will enjoy visiting museums such as Riverside Museum of Transport and Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum or having a blast at Glasgow Climbing Centre.

For higher education, Glasgow has top educational institutions like Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Glasgow.

5. Get Along With The Local Community During Festivals

Life in Glasgow will not be complete if you do not participate in festivals or community events. These are chances to have fun and make new friends while learning about the local culture.

Here are some festivals you can include in your bucket list to get closer to your local community:

  • Glasgow Film Festival;
  • TRNSMT Music Festival;
  • Counterflows Underground and Experimental Music Festival; and
  • Sonica, Visual Sonic Art Festival.

6. Visit Famous Landmarks In Glasgow

Glasgow is a city with a rich history. If you walk around this city, you will find structures and buildings with classic Victorian-style architecture. You will learn the story of Glasgow through these buildings and structures.

Therefore, it will be a waste if you do not visit these iconic landmarks:

  • Glasgow Green;
  • City Chambers;
  • City Centre Mural Trail;
  • Govan Old Parish Church; and
  • Glasgow Tower.

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7. Visit The Most Beautiful Places In Glasgow

Glasgow is a city with many beautiful places. After a long working week, you can relax and enjoy the nature in these beautiful parks.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

If you are looking for a free activity, try visiting Glasgow Botanic Gardens. This city attraction is open free of charge every day. You can come to walk around the gardens and enjoy the beauty.

This botanical centre also provides a glasshouse wedding venue, Kibble Palace. The glasshouse makes a wedding ceremony feel more intimate, as only a handful of people are able to attend.

Pollok Country Park

Pollok Country Park is a park operated by the City Council as a recreational place for residents of Glasgow. This 146-hectare park is the largest park in the city and was named the Best Park in Europe in 2008.

Pollok Country Park is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the park’s plants collection. There are also wildlife and hobbit houses. Entering this park will give you the classic Celtic vibe that feels magical.

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is located in the Scotstoun area, the West End of Glasgow. This park is considered the prettiest park in Glasgow due to its extensive range of floral collections.

Visit Victoria Park during the spring season if you want to witness the blooming flowers that will make the park vibrant.

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8. Get Your Taste Buds Spoiled By The Local Cuisine

Do not stay in your comfort food zone. Expand your taste with the local cuisine in Glasgow.

As starters, here are some of the most recommended foods for the newcomers:

  • tattie scone;
  • mac ‘n’ cheese pie;
  • roll and fritter;
  • chips and cheese; and
  • Lorne sausage.

Glasgow is known as the Curry Capital of the UK. Aside from the above foods, it would be best to try the curry dishes that are heavily influenced by Indian cuisine.

If you are from overseas, having good meals with your local friends will help you adapt and get along with the people around you so that you’ll avoid living in an expat bubble.

9. Prepare Your Relocation To Glasgow Thoroughly

To avoid too much stress during your moving trip, you have to prepare the relocation process well. Here are two things that you can do to have a seamless relocation.

Have A Checklist

It is essential to have a checklist to organise your relocation process. Make a list of things to do, the documents you need, important contacts, precautions to take, and the budget.

Having a list will prevent you from forgetting important things for your relocation. You only need to check your list to track your relocation progress.

Engage Sanelo’s Service

Engage Sanelo to lessen your burden during the moving trip. Our team will ship your belongings to Glasgow safely. We are even ready to send your electronics, antiques, or wine to Glasgow. You can also customise the protection during the shipment depending on your needs.

Conclusion About Moving To Glasgow

Moving to Glasgow can improve your quality of life. This city has steady economic growth, a promising job market, high-quality education, and beautiful places. Even the weather in Glasgow is mild so that everyone can do various outdoor activities all year round.

Additionally, the cost of living in Glasgow is relatively affordable, making it perfect for students, young professionals, families, and retirees to live in this city.

Glasgow is also the place of the best music festivals and events. No matter your musical taste, you will find it in Glasgow.

To avoid problems during your relocation, you need to be well prepared. Remember to make a list of essential things to remember and engage us, Sanelo. We have a team that will ensure your moving process is less painful by safely shipping your belongings to Glasgow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Glasgow

Where Are The Most Affluent Areas In Glasgow?

Zoopa found the streets with the highest values in Glasgow, with the highest property value in these areas reaching £1,163,935.

Here is the list of the most affluent areas in Glasgow:

  • Lethington Road,
  • Craigmillar Avenue,
  • Countess Gate,
  • The Loaning,
  • Sherbrooke Avenue,
  • Erskine Road.

Is It Safe To Live In Glasgow?

Glasgow is a safe city for residents and tourists. However, you are not recommended to walk alone at night due to street robbery. On average, a street robbery occurs 20 times a night.

Are The People In Glasgow Nice?

Glasgow residents are named the friendliest people in the UK. They generally have a welcoming and warm attitude toward tourists and newcomers.

Can Sanelo Help Me If I Relocate From Overseas?

Yes, Sanelo has been helping people worldwide to move internationally. We have the facilities for shipping and storing your belongings in your destination city.

Feel free to contact us and consult your moving situation to adjust our shipping process to fit your needs.


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