Moving/Relocating To Liverpool: 8 Little-Known Secrets

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Have you considered moving to Liverpool? It is a beautiful city with immense Victorian and Brit Pop vibes. Additionally, living in Liverpool offers growth for your career or education. This city also has many interesting places you can go to during weekends or holidays.

The surprising fact about this city is despite being a tourist destination, the cost of living in Liverpool is relatively budget-friendly for everyone. Students, young professionals, families, even retirees choose to live in Liverpool because of its affordability and amenities.

Like all places, Liverpool has its own advantages and disadvantages and you need to learn to embrace the pros and cons of living in Liverpool. Here are 8 little-known secrets to help you adapt to life in Liverpool.

1. The Underrated Facts About The Pros And Cons Of Living In Liverpool

There is always a pro for every con in Liverpool. Below are some of the pros and cons of living in Liverpool that you need to know before moving, so you can enjoy the benefits of living in Liverpool and learn how to manoeuvre the cons.

The Pros Of Living In Liverpool

A Vibrant City With Rich History

Liverpool is a city with rich history and vibrant culture. The origin of this city dates back to 1207 when King John issued letters about the establishment of a new borough named “Livpul”.

Liverpool has grand buildings with medieval architecture. This style of architecture has been used since the 13th century.

Now, Liverpool is known for its sports and music scene. The Guinness World Records even recognise Liverpool as the World Capital City of Pop because The Beatles was born here.

A Place For Football Fans

Who doesn’t know Liverpool FC, one of the biggest football clubs in the world? As the name suggests, Liverpool is home to Liverpool FC. But did you know it is also home to another Premier League star, Everton FC?

Liverpool is a place where you can meet your fellow football fans and book a tour to see your favourite club.

Plenty Of Recreational Spots

You won’t run out of ideas about how to have fun in Liverpool. There are many places to play games and hang out, such as Adrenalin Zone and The Baltic Triangle.

If you want a more serene atmosphere, Liverpool has beautiful green spaces around the city. Some of the gardens you can visit to relax are St John’s Gardens and Clarke Gardens.

The Cons Of Living In Liverpool

Gloomy Weather

The climate in Liverpool is warm and temperate, with frequent rain. This climate makes Liverpool seem gloomy since it is often clouded before raining.

However, the summers in Liverpool are nice and warm. You can always look forward to this sunny season to do all the outdoor adventures you want.

Understanding The Accent (Scouse)

People in Liverpool have an accent called scouse, and you’ll probably need to get used to it to understand it. For example, they pronounce the “t” sound as “ts”.

It may be slightly challenging at first, especially for those coming from outside of England, but scouse makes Liverpool unique.

2. Here Is Why People Love The Cost Of Living In Liverpool

Liverpool is relatively affordable compared with some other major cities in the UK. The cost of living in Liverpool is 46% lower than London, and 14% lower than Manchester.

The estimated monthly spending without rent for a family of four is £2,326, and for a single person is £662. If you live in the city’s outskirts, you can expect lower living costs.

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3. Find The Best Neighbourhood For You

When searching for an area to live in Liverpool, safety should come first before housing prices and amenities. Below are some of the safest and considerably affordable neighbourhoods in Liverpool for your reference.

Princes Dock

Princes Dock is a safe area in Liverpool with a waterfront view. It is one of the recreational destinations in this city, so you will find this area can be crowded at certain times.

Even though the area is located in the city centre, the housing prices in Princes Dock are affordable. The average monthly rent of apartments in this neighbourhood is £230.


Childwall is a suburb that is located in the southeast of the city. This area has been developing since 2000, with more bars and restaurants being established recently.

On top of being one of the safest areas, Childwall has relatively affordable property prices. The average property price in Childwall is £265,621, and the average monthly rent is £600.

Mossley Hill

Mossley Hill is a suburb with the highest concentration of Victorian mansions in Liverpool. This area is family-friendly, with excellent parks and top-rated schools.

Liverpool is generous when it comes to property prices, even in a posh area like Mossley Hill. The average house price in Mossley Hill is £307,469, and the average rent is around £600 per month.

4. There Are Opportunities For You In The Liverpool Job Market

As of 14th July 2021, the employment rate in Liverpool is 71.3%, with total employment of 238,200. Based on the data in December 2020, 10.1% of people aged 16-24 in Liverpool are unemployed. This rate is lower than the national rate, which is 13.7%.

This condition shows that there is potential in the Liverpool job market. Liverpool is expecting double growth in employment rate next year, which means more opportunities for everyone.

The sectors that provide most jobs in Liverpool are public administration, education, health, banking, finance and insurance. If you have the experience and expertise in one of these areas, Liverpool can be your perfect destination.

5. Public Schools And Universities For Your Children

If you are parents with children of schooling ages, Liverpool offers many excellent public schools. Therefore, you should not worry about your children’s education when deciding to move to Liverpool.

Besides the grade schools, Liverpool also has excellent universities and colleges. The top four universities in Liverpool are:

  • University Of Liverpool;
  • Liverpool John Moores University;
  • Liverpool Hope University; and
  • Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts.

These universities are not only for your children, you can also advance your career by pursuing higher education in Liverpool.

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6. Find The Hidden Recreational Spots

Many people may think of having The Beatles memory lane tour when thinking of Liverpool. However, there are some other hidden gems in Liverpool that are worth visiting after you’ve gone for The Beatles memory lane tour.

Here are some hidden gems of tourist destinations in Liverpool:

  • Queens Avenue;
  • Allerton Gardens;
  • The Art School Wine Cellars; and
  • Williamson Tunnels.

If you want to find a place to hang out with friends, then visit Goodness Gracious Roof Garden. You can chat, relax, and enjoy the scenery of the city.

Going to Liverpool city centre can be pretty fun. This area covers several tourist destinations such as Church Street, Bold Street, and the waterfront.

7. Festivals And Sports

Sports and festivals in Liverpool attract many people worldwide to visit this city. We have some recommendations of activities you can enjoy related to sports and festivals.

As home to Liverpool Football Club, you cannot miss visiting the Anfield stadium. Join a tour to Anfield that will take you to the changing rooms, manager’s dugout, famous Kop End stand, and even meet a Liverpool player.

Besides visiting Liverpool Football Club, you should also join other fun activities during the festivals in Liverpool. Here are our top recommended festivals in Liverpool:

  • Creamfields (world’s leading dance music festival);
  • Southport Food And Drink festival;
  • British Musical Fireworks Championship; and
  • Wirral Arts Festival.

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8. You Are Not Living In Liverpool Until You Eat Like The Locals

You should try to familiarise your taste buds with the local delicacies because you will live in Liverpool for quite a long time. Luckily, the local dishes here are tasty. Even if you’re moving from overseas, you will fall for the taste quickly.

Here are our recommendations for the must-try local dishes in Liverpool.


Scouse is the most popular dish in Liverpool that it became the nickname for people living in this city. It is a meat stew made with mutton or beef with thick-cut vegetables. You are not in Liverpool until you try scouse.

Toad In The Hole

Toad in the hole is a traditional Yorkshire pudding made from leftover meat scraps in the batter mixture stuffed with British sausages.

Wet Nelly

This delicious dessert is made using stale bread or cake softened with water, then mixed with dried fruits, spices, sugar and eggs. Wet Nelly is served with custard to enhance the flavour.

Sometimes culture is introduced through the food. Therefore, if you are from outside the UK, it is essential to try the local dishes. You can also use this chance to hang out with your local friends and come out of your expat bubble.

Conclusion About Moving To Liverpool

When you decide to move to Liverpool, be ready to embrace the pros and cons of living in Liverpool. You need to learn to embrace the cloudy winters and understand scouse, the accent Liverpool people have. On the bright side, Liverpool offers beautiful scenery, fun festivals, a great community, affordable housing prices, and steady job growth.

Before moving to Liverpool, make sure you secure your home in the best areas in Liverpool. There are safe areas in Liverpool that offer excellent amenities and relatively affordable house prices.

Liverpool also offers many recreational options for its residents. There are games centres, tours, parks and gardens, and majestic architecture from the Victorian era. The nightlife and cuisines in Liverpool are also attractive.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Liverpool

Is Liverpool A Good Place To Move To?

Overall, Liverpool is a liveable city in the UK. It has good technology and relatively low house prices. As long as you have a plan and income source, moving to Liverpool can be worth it.

Is Living In Liverpool Safe?

The crime rate in Liverpool is 266 crimes per 1,000 people. This number is considerably high compared to other cities in the country. However, Liverpool has safe neighbourhoods that you can choose from.

What Is A Good Salary In Liverpool?

The average salary in Liverpool is £30,665 per year. You can afford a decent lifestyle with this amount of income.

How Do I Contact Sanelo Before I Move?

Visit our website, and feel free to contact us here. Our team is ready to provide detailed information regarding our services.

It is best to contact Sanelo two or three months before your moving trip, so we can arrange the schedule to pick up and ship your belongings.

How Does Sanelo Help With International Relocation?

Our team will walk you through the process for international relocation, from filling up the forms to clearance. This will help you avoid the common mistakes that people make when moving internationally.


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