Moving/Relocating To Marseille: 8 Marvellous Facts

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Has the thought of moving to Marseille, France, ever crossed your mind? This city offers many things, from job opportunities to culture, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you are in love with Marseille.

If you live in Marseille, you will find that this city is an excellent place for singles, families, and even students. The cost of living in Marseille is reasonable compared to other major cities in France. Moreover, this city is walkable, so you will enjoy going around the neighbourhood on foot.

To give you an insight into what it is like living in Marseille, we’ll share 8 facts to help you prepare before moving there.

1. Living In Marseille Has Its Pros And Cons

There are many good things in Marseille. However, this city also has cons that you should be prepared for.

The following points are the basic facts about the pros and cons of living in Marseille, France.

The Brightsides Of Living In Marseille

Mild Weather

You may find many people complaining about the cold winter in Marseille online. However, the weather in Marseille is mostly nice and mild.

Marseille experiences a Mediterranean climate which makes the winters cold and humid, while the summers are tempered by the breeze. Thanks to its climate, this city rarely experiences temperatures below 30°F (-1°C) or above 90°F (32°C).

Most People Don’t Smoke

Most people in Marseille do not smoke. They generally have a negative attitude towards cigarettes. Therefore, if you want to quit smoking, Marseille has a conducive environment and supportive people to help you through it.

While smoking in public may be a common occurrence in many countries, in Marseille, you need to be more mindful if you want to smoke. You may smoke at the designated places or take this as an opportunity to quit.

Efficient Healthcare System

Another best thing about Marseille is the healthcare system. This city has qualified doctors and excellent healthcare services.

However, the local government does not provide free healthcare services in France. That’s why you should ask for health insurance from your employer before moving to Marseille. The best-case scenario is your health treatment will be covered by the insurance!

The Downside Of Living In Marseille

It Is Not Easy To Make New Friends

For expats, it may take time to make new friends in Marseille due to communication and language barriers.

Therefore, please consider taking a French class before moving to Marseille or when you arrive here. You may encounter some people who speak other languages, like English. However, learning the French language is still crucial for daily communication with the locals.

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2. You Will Find The Neighbourhood That Suits You In Marseille

There are about 111 neighbourhoods in Marseille. Among these areas, you will find the one that suits your needs, whether you are a young professional, parent, or someone searching for an area with high value.

Here are things to consider when looking for a living area in Marseille:
property rent or buying prices,
amenities, and
distance to your workplace.

Below are some of the best neighbourhoods in Marseille that you may want to check out as a reference.


If you want a neighbourhood near a beach, you should consider Endoume. It has public bike parks, and you can even rent a bike to go around the neighbourhood. The locals usually come to this area for a picnic and the scenery of the rocky bays.

Endoume also has bus stops, restaurants, a grocery store, shops, and a park. On top of that, this area has many options for housing, from modern apartments to vintage houses.


Besides the Old Port, Opéra is home to historical sites in Marseille, such as Rue Saint Ferréol, Place aux Huiles, and Statue Milon de Crotone. This area is also a hot tourist destination in Marseille.

This neighbourhood is relatively safe. Opérat is a perfect area for families and retirees since it offers access to the city attractions, excellent restaurants, and bars.

Cinq Avenues

This neighbourhood is full of artwork. Here you can visit Palais Longchamp, where you can also find the Natural History Museum and Museum of Fine Arts inside the complex.

Cinq Avenues also provides excellent amenities for its residents, such as bus stops, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, parks, and grocery stores. Additionally, this area is perfect for families since it is near city attractions and schools.

3. The Overall Cost Of Living In Marseille Is Reasonable

Marseille is a more affordable option if you want to live in France. The overall cost of living here is about 41% lower than in Paris.

In Marseille, the estimated monthly expenses for a family of four is €3,489, and a single person usually spends €1,675 a month. You can use these estimated monthly expenses as a benchmark when making a post-moving budget.

Moreover, the housing prices in Marseille are relatively affordable. You can still find an apartment with a monthly rent of less than €1,000.

The median property price in Marseille is €645,000, while the average rent is around €761 per month. You can get higher or lower prices depending on the location and size of the property. Therefore, if you want to save more money, it’s best to find a home outside the city centre area.

4. There Is A Place For You In Marseille’s Job Market

Who says Marseille is not an excellent destination to work? This city has various growing industries that provide job opportunities for locals and expats.

To make your job search easier, here are the key industries in Marseille where you can find better job opportunities:

  • healthcare,
  • digital and creative,
  • environment and energy,
  • tourism,
  • logistic, and
  • aerospace and mechanical.

Marseille is also one of the favourite destinations for nomad workers. That’s why it is famous for its fast internet connection.

If you are a remote worker, it’s best to rent a pocket wifi. This device will provide you with unlimited data, and you can stay connected from anywhere.

5. A Car Won’t Be Effective To Get You Around

Driving is not an effective way to commute in Marseille since parking is such a hassle. The best way to get around the city is on foot or by bike because most neighbourhoods here are pedestrian-friendly.

You will also find trains, buses, and boats that will effectively take you to your destination. Remember to learn about the public transport route once you arrive in Marseille.

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6. You Won’t Get Bored In Marseille!

If you live in Marseille, you will have places to visit. You can start to make a bucket list of places to visit and things to do in this city.

Here are the most recommended landmarks to visit in Marseille:

  • Marché de Noailles (Noailles Market),
  • Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde,
  • Le Vieux Port (Old Port),
  • The Panier,
  • Cathedrale de la Major, and
  • Cathedrale de la Major.

7. Marseille Is Where The Good Food Are

You can find an inexpensive restaurant in Marseille easily. Therefore, you should spare some time to explore the local dishes here.

Below are some of the local favourites that you should try:

  • fougasse bread,
  • chichi frégi (Marseille-style doughnut),
  • ratatouille,
  • bouillabaisse, and many more.

To help your culinary adventure, you can try the dishes from the following restaurants:

  • Le Goût des Choses,
  • La Caravelle,
  • Chez Etienne, and
  • Les Buffets du Vieux-Port.

The average price of basic lunch with a drink is around €20. You can make a budget for monthly dine out, so you don’t spend too much on food.

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8. Follow These Points While Preparing For Your Relocation To Marseille

Get In Touch With Your Employer And Real Estate Agent

Before heading to Marseille, please contact your employer and real estate agent first to confirm your arrival. The ideal time to contact them is a couple of weeks before your moving trip.

You can also clarify any document you should prepare for the relocation. It’s best to do this several weeks before to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Make A Post-Moving Budget In Euro

First, find out the average living expenses in Marseille, then convert them into your currency. This step will help you calculate how much you should prepare before leaving your home country.

After that, start making a list of spending in Euro. This way, you’ll familiarise yourself with the currency and this will help you make the right budget for your post-moving phase.

Engage A Professional To Ship Your Belongings

Engaging a professional like Sanelo is an effective way to ship your belongings to Marseille. Our team is ready to assist you and adjust the process to fit your needs.

Visit our official website to find information and articles about our service. If you need to consult with us about your relocation needs, you can contact us via email or phone.

Conclusion About Moving To Marseille, France

Marseille is a beautiful city with lovely weather, an efficient healthcare system, a reasonable cost of living, and various job opportunities. This city also offers excellent neighbourhoods with amenities, safety, and proximity to city attractions.

Once you are settled, spare some time to explore Marseille through the historical sites and local delicacies. You can adapt better to this city once you are familiar with the history, culture, and food.

Remember to contact important parties such as your employer and real estate agent to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. Additionally, you need to make a budget in Euro for the post-moving expenses in Marseille and contact Sanelo to ship your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Marseille, France

Is Marseille A Good Place To Live?

Marseille is overall a good place to live in. It offers an excellent healthcare system, reasonable prices for the cost of living, and is relatively safe.

Is Marseille Good For Expats?

Marseille has a healthy business ecosystem, making many expats come to this city to work. Besides that, this city offers nice restaurants, historical landmarks, bars, and shops so anyone can live comfortably here.

How Much Is The Average Salary In Marseille?

On average, a person earns €53,500 per year in Marseille. The salary can be lower or higher depending on your position and job.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving?

Ideally, you need to contact Sanelo three or two months before your moving date. This way, our team will have time to schedule a slot for your shipment. Additionally, having buffer time will help if we need to adjust the process for you.

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