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Moving/Relocating To France: 8 Ultimate Tips & Tricks

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Moving to France can be your best decision. Besides being one of the most romantic places in the world, France presents many opportunities for career and education.

Living in France means you will encounter a new culture and environment, and this may take some getting used to. Therefore, we recommend these eight ultimate tips that you can include in your “moving to France” checklist.

You will find some facts about living in France, the best cities, the cost of living in France, things to do, and many more. All this information will be beneficial for your preparation before you enter France.

1. Get Yourself Informed About What It Is Like Living In France

Before learning other tips about living in France, it is important to know the basic facts about this country. This information will be your first guide to adapting to France.

The Climate In French

France has a temperate climate. This means that the weather here is not too hot or cold so you can do outdoor activities all year-round comfortably.

The hottest temperature in France is around 75°F (23.8°C) during summers, while the coldest rarely dips below 32°F (0°C).

France has four seasons. Therefore you need to prepare both warm and light clothes for all seasons.

Learn About The Dos and Don’ts In French Culture

Learning the dos and don’ts is a basic rule wherever you go. It’s best to know this information before you move to France.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help you warm up to the French culture:

  • Learn some basic French phrases like; “thank you (merci)”, “excuse me (excusez-moi)”, “hello (bonjour)”, and “I don’t speak French. In English please (Je ne parle pas Francais. En Anglais, s’il vous plaît)”;
  • When taking a metro (subway), hang onto your ticket because the police may come at any moment to check;
  • Do not use “Tu” (you) to people you are not closed with;
  • Do not touch produces at an outdoor market, you should ask the seller what you are looking for, then they will find it for you;
  • You will learn more when you communicate with your local friends in France. Ask them honestly about what they may perceive as offensive by the locals.

You Should Speak French

The biggest challenge for expats moving to French is the language. You need to learn French before moving or take a French class as soon as you arrive.

Even though many local people speak English, it is important to learn the French language to avoid a communication barrier. Knowing the language will allow you to communicate with more people, even outside your office and home environments.

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2. Decide Where You Want To Live

Before the moving date, please make sure you already have a home. You can search online and contact the real estate agent as soon as possible.

To narrow down your search, here are some cities named as the best places to live and work in France:


Brittany is one of the most affordable places in France. This city also has over 700 miles of coastline and countryside, which makes it a serene place to live.

The average house price here is €127,000, and many people who come to live in Brittany prefer to renovate an old barn into a family home.


Of course, Paris is still the main destination when people move to France. This city has booming industries, universities, and world-famous places to see. Paris is also a perfect place for nightlife fun because it has around 4,316 bars.

It is reasonable that the housing costs in Paris are relatively high since it is one of the major cities in France. The average house price in Paris is €10,937 to €12,000 per square metre. If you plan to rent an apartment unit, the average monthly rent is €1 000 to €3 000.

The prices may get higher depending on the size and location. Houses in the city centre area are usually more expensive than those in the outskirts.


Montpellier is named the perfect place for families. This city has multiple bilingual schools to help children from overseas to learn French and adapt to their new environment.

In addition, Montpellier is child-friendly with many city attractions such as museums, playgrounds, beaches, and botanical gardens. On top of that, Montpellier is also one of the safest places in France.

The average house price in Montpellier is €65,742.99, and the monthly rent is around €582.22.

3. Calculate Your Post-Moving Budget Based On The Cost Of Living In France

It is easier to make a budget if you have the relevant information such as the average cost of living in France. Knowing this information can help you allocate your monthly spending for living costs.

The estimated monthly costs for a family are €2,918 excluding the rent, while a single person typically spends €816.

On the other hand, the average monthly salary in France is around €2,800. If you are single, the average salary can afford a decent lifestyle. If you move with family members, your household would need to make at least €4,000 per month.

To help you reduce your spending, follow the tips below:

  • shop at second-hand good stores,
  • use renewable energy such as solar panels to get an incentive from the local government,
  • buy electrical goods from the UK to get free VAT, and
  • shop online to control your spending easier because you can directly search for the items you need.

4. Find Employment Before Moving To France

It is crucial to secure an income source before moving to France. This way, you can rest assured about your financial situation.

You can find a place in France’s job market regardless of your expertise or experience. However, it will be better if you know the professions that have been in high demand lately.

Here are some of the most demanded sectors in France:

  • data protection;
  • AI engineering;
  • financial;
  • market and investment;
  • digital marketing;
  • culinary art;
  • film and broadcasting; and
  • luxury and fashion.

5. Get An Opportunity To Pursue A Degree In France

France has top universities that local and international students can enrol in. The best part about studying in France is the tuition fee is relatively lower compared to England or America.

Students from European Union (EU) countries pay lower tuition fees than non-European countries. However, the living costs in France are relatively affordable. That’s why France is a perfect destination for those who want to pursue higher education.

For your reference, here are some of the top universities and colleges in France you can consider enrolling in:

  • Sorbonne University,
  • Institut Polytechnique de Paris,
  • Paris-Saclay University,
  • PSL Research University, and
  • École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

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6. Visit These Beautiful Places While Living In France

One of the reasons France is an excellent place to live is its scenery. This country has historical sites, beautiful nature, and fun places to play.

Iconic Places To Visit

You are not in France until you visit one of the following iconic places:

  • Eiffel Tower,
  • Palace of Versailles,
  • Chateau du Chambord,
  • The Louvre Museum, and
  • Arles Amphitheatre.

French Natural Wonders To Admire

The best healing moment you can get is in France’s open nature. Here are the most beautiful landscapes you should visit in France for a healing retreat:

  • Aiguille du Dru,
  • Aiguilles de Bavella,
  • Mont Blanc,
  • Monet’s Garden, and
  • Gorges du Verdon.

Fun Theme Parks

Practise work-life balance by treating yourself to some fun in one of these theme parks:

  • Parc Astérix,
  • Disneyland Paris,
  • Puy du Fou,
  • France Miniature, and
  • Futuroscope.

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7. Get A Taste Of French Delicacy

French is not only famous for its culture and fashion but also its culinary scene. You will find many delicious local foods and drinks when you live here.

To guide you through French cuisine, here are some of the food that you should taste:

  • bouillabaisse (Mediterranean fish and shellfish stew served with a slice of toasted bread);
  • steak-frites (sauteed steak served with french fries);
  • coq au vin (chicken, mushrooms, and cured pork braised in red wine);
  • cassoulet (slow-baked bean, sausages, preserved duck, and tomatoes);
  • escargots de Bourgogne (cooked snails on a ceramic pan); and
  • bœuf bourguignon (beef and mushrooms braised in wine broth).

The most popular drink in France is wine. While living in France, don’t miss the chance to visit vineyards and taste some fine wine.

8. Make A Moving To France Checklist

Do not let your relocation cause you stress. Make a moving checklist to track your relocation process and keep all the crucial information with you so that you won’t forget.

To help you make a moving to France checklist, here are some categories that should be in your checklist:

  • job hunt;
  • find a neighbourhood;
  • things to do;
  • documents;
  • things to pack;
  • items to donate and sell;
  • important contacts; and
  • budget for pre-moving, moving trip, and post moving.

Engaging Sanelo to ship your belongings to France will make your relocation process even smoother and better. We will guide you through the whole process to ensure the shipment of your belongings is seamless.

You don’t have to carry heavy bags or luggage from your home country, which will cause you to pay extra for baggage. We have the experience and expertise in helping people move locally and internationally.

Conclusion About Moving To France

Many people move to France to pursue careers in higher education and settle with their partners. This country also offers rich culture, pleasant weather, and beautiful places. You will find that it is possible to have a work-life balance in France.

Additionally, France is more affordable compared to the UK or America. That’s why this country is one of the favourite destinations for many people worldwide.

To make your relocation less stressful, remember to create a checklist that you can refer to anytime. This checklist is important as it helps you track your relocation process easily.

Another thing you need to consider is engaging a professional, like Sanelo, to ship your belongings to France. This way, you do not have to worry about carrying too much stuff during the moving trip.

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Frequently Asked Questions About About Moving To France

Is France A Good Place To Live?

International Living Magazine voted France as the best place to live globally. One of the biggest reasons is because French people can enjoy affordable education, childcare, and health care services.

Can A Foreigner Live In France?

Expats can live and work in France with the required paperwork, such as a visa and a work or residence permit.

Is It Cheaper To Live In France Or America?

It is relatively cheaper to live in France than in America. In France, the cost of living is around 15%-20% lower than most major cities in America, such as New York, Honolulu, and San Francisco.

Can Sanelo Assist My International Relocation To France?

Yes, Sanelo has a team that is ready to assist you through the process of your relocation. If you need to consult your relocation situation, please contact us to talk to our team.

We will assist you during your international relocation, including going through forms and documents for the customs clearance. Therefore, it’s best to contact us three to two months before your moving trip.


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