Moving/Relocating To Naples: 5 FOOLPROOF Tips To Follow Before Leaving For Naples, Italy

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Naples is one of the Southern Italian cities packed with beautiful nature and cultural heritage.

Moving To Naples, Italy, will get you closer to the historical sites, arts, and grand architecture. The experience of living in Naples, Italy, will be a memorable and eye-opening one.

In this article, we will share 5 foolproof tips to help you with your relocation, including information about the cost of living in Naples, references to the best neighbourhoods, and many more.

1. Learn To Embrace The Pros And Cons Of Living In Naples, Italy

Before preparing for your relocation, you need to learn the pros and cons of living in Naples. There is no doubt that this city is a great place. However, there is also a downside you need to know.

To help you get ready for your new life in Naples, we share some pros and cons for you to learn.

Pros Of Living In Naples

Mild Winter

Southern Italian cities are the best places to live during winter, including Naples. This city does not experience snowfall. Instead, the winters are rainy in Naples.

Summer can be scorching hot. However, this season is the best time to enjoy the beach and sea breeze.

Beautiful Scenery

From historical sites to open nature, Naples has it all. If you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can visit the following places:

  • Lido National Beach,
  • Marina Grande Beach,
  • Lido Enea,
  • Virgilian Park,
  • Amalfi Coast,
  • Park of the Camaldoli, and
  • Villa Comunale.

Neapolitan Language

Neapolitan is an Italian dialect commonly spoken in Naples and the areas surrounding it. If you have a basic understanding of the Italian language, you will be able to understand Neapolitan.

Therefore, it is better to learn the Italian language so you can experience the Neapolitan language. Being able to speak Italian will also help you with your daily communication and to get closer to the locals.

The Cons Of Living In Naples

Driving Can Be Challenging

Many roads in Naples are narrow, which causes the traffic to be congested. On top of that, many tourists are also driving, adding to the road volume.

In addition, finding a parking spot can be difficult. Therefore, it is better to take public transport in Naples.

red and white food stall in the middle of the streetImage Credit: Unsplash

2. Secure A Home In The Neighborhood That Suits You Best

To help you with your home search, we recommend some of Naples’ best neighbourhoods that will fit your needs. You can choose one of them or use this information as your reference.


Chiaia is one of the safest areas in Naples, Italy. This neighbourhood is also considered to be a wealthy district in Naples.

On the main street of this neighbourhood, you will find luxury brand shops. It also has schools and a large park, Villa Comunale.

This seafront area is perfect for families and young professionals. It offers facilities for everyone, such as a playground, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants.

Centro Storico

This area is the historical centre in Naples and is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Living in Centro Storico can be noisy since it is a tourist area. The good thing about this place is that the city attractions will be within your reach with plenty of affordable eating places scattered around.

Centro Storico is perfect for a newcomer. It has plenty of bus stops and transit stations that can connect you with the rest of the city.

Piazza del Plebiscito

If you’re moving to Naples with family members, then you may want to check out this area. Piazza del Plebiscito is a family-friendly neighbourhood that is quieter than other neighbourhoods that also have tourist areas.

This area offers plenty of housing options, such as apartments, condos, and houses. On top of that, Piazza del Plebiscito is one of the locations to honour La Befana on January 6. During this event, there will be sweet treats for children.

3. Calculate Your Budget Based On The Cost Of Living In Naples

The great thing about Naples is its affordability. It is relatively more affordable than other Italian cities such as Florence and Rome.

To make a monthly budget, you need to know the average cost of living in Naples. This way, you know how much to save before heading to Naples.

If you exclude the rent, the estimated monthly cost of living for a family of four and a single person is €2,526 (2,724 USD) and €717 (774 USD), respectively.

Add the above numbers with the average monthly rent accordingly to get a total estimation. For example, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom property is €477 (515,4 USD) to €800 (864 USD) outside the city centre. If you are moving here alone, then you can expect your monthly expenses to be between €1,200 (1,296.7 USD) and €1,500 (1,620.9 USD).

4. Get More Information About The Job Opportunities In Naples

Naples offers opportunities for those who want to pursue better careers. Various sectors are growing and provide job opportunities for locals and expats.

Here are some of the biggest industries in Naples for your reference when you are looking for a job:

  • winemaking,
  • food processing,
  • textiles,
  • fashion, and
  • tourism.

When searching for a job, you also need to determine your salary benchmark. In Naples, the average monthly salary is around €2,500 (2,701. 5 USD). It is best to ensure that your monthly income is not less than this number.

5. Enjoy Naples To The Fullest Through Its City Attractions And Cuisines

There is a lot to explore and enjoy in Naples, Italy. Here, you can witness the display of Italian culture and history in architecture, art, and even cuisine.

Therefore, it will be best if you take the time to explore Naples by visiting its city attractions and tasting the local delicacies.

aerial photography of a city coast by the seaImage Credit: Unsplash

Beautiful City Attractions In Naples

Get the full experience of living in Naples by making memories in the following places:

  • National Archeological Museum,
  • Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum,
  • Santa Lucia,
  • San Domenico Maggiore,
  • Castel Nuovo, and
  • Castel Ovo (pictured above).

pizza with green leaves on white ceramic plate

Image Credit: Unsplash

Must-Try Local Food

Getting familiar with the local food will help you to settle in Naples faster. You can start your culinary journey by trying the dishes below:

  • Pizza Margherita,
  • Pasta e patate (pasta and potato soup),
  • Gnocchi alla sorrentina (gnocchi baked in tomato sauce and mozzarella),
  • Gelato, and
  • Neapolitan coffee.

Ask your friends and colleagues for more recommendations for local dishes. To make your culinary journey even more fun, you can enjoy restaurant-hopping with friends.

Conclusion On Moving To Naples

Naples is a perfect city if you want to live closer to tourist attractions. This city also offers opportunities in various industries, relatively affordable living costs, and good food.

Here, you’ll be able to find neighbourhoods that suit your needs, whether you plan to move alone or with family members. Additionally, it is not difficult to find inexpensive restaurants around the city.

Before leaving for Naples, engage Sanelo to help you ship your belongings. This way, you won’t be worried about carrying a lot of luggage on your moving date.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Naples, Italy

Is Naples A Safe City?

In general, Naples is a safe place. However, you still need to take precautions when going outside.

Some of the most common crimes here are tourist scams and pickpockets. It is also better for you to not walk alone at night, to avoid being a target of street crimes.

Are People In Naples Friendly?

Neapolitans (people of Naples) are known to be friendly and generous. You will enjoy the Neapolitan culture and how fun it is to make new friends with the locals.

Is Naples A Good City To Raise A Family?

Naples is an excellent place to raise a family. Besides the many kid-friendly attractions, this city also has good international schools for expat families.

On top of that, the reasonable housing prices make it easier for families to own a house.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving To Naples?

The ideal time to contact Sanelo is three to two months before your moving date. This will give our team time to schedule a slot and prepare the essentials for the shipment.

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