Moving/Relocating To Perth: 12 IMMEDIATE Things To Plan To Help You Settle In Faster

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Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia. You will enjoy living in Perth since it has abundance of sunshine and is well-connected to the Asian countries. Thanks to its location along the Indian Ocean, Perth is also blessed with plenty of beautiful beaches.

Moving to Perth, Australia, will get you closer to nature, a great community, and more job opportunities. However, before you start packing, let us help you by sharing the 12 things to plan immediately to settle in Perth faster.

1. Take Some Time To Learn The Pros And Cons Of Living In Perth

The Pros Of Living In Perth

Beautiful Weather

Perth has a Mediterranean climate with dry summers and wet winters. This city experiences 138.7 days of sunshine each year, making it the sunniest capital city in Australia.

The hottest month in this city is in February, with an average temperature of 88.9°F (31.6°C), while July is the coldest month, with an average temperature of 46.2 °F (7.9°C).

Rainfalls commonly occur from May to September. As such, make sure to check the weather forecast regularly during these wet months.

Stunning Beaches

Perth will be your favourite city if you enjoy relaxing by the beach. Thanks to its location, Perth is blessed with stunning beaches.

Some of the beaches you can visit in Perth are City Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Trigg Beach, and many more.

The Cons Of Living In Perth

Expensive City

Perth is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. Even in the outskirts, you may not find rent prices lower than 1,000 AUD (736.5 USD).

But not to worry, because we will be sharing tips and hacks to help you outsmart the pricy living expenses in Perth later in this article.

For Some People, Perth Can Be Too Quiet

If you love a vibrant city atmosphere filled with exciting nightlife, then you need to live in a neighbourhood near the city centre. Many suburbs in Perth can be quiet and considered boring.

On the other hand, people who prefer a laid-back lifestyle will love Perth. You can enjoy living a slow-paced life in this city.

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2. Find The Best Neighbourhoods That Suit Your Needs

When searching for a neighbourhood to live in, you need to ensure that the area is safe and has the amenities you need. You will also need to consider the commuting time from the area and your workplace.

Therefore, we recommend some of the best neighbourhoods in Perth that have high safety rates and are family-friendly.


This neighbourhood is perfect for families and people who love outdoor activities. Shelley is surrounded by playgrounds and parks. It is also located near Canning River, where people can come to enjoy canoeing and sightseeing.

In addition, this area also has a primary school, shopping centre, medical and beauty services, and plenty of food spots.


Attadale sits on the South bank of Swan River. It has 13 playgrounds and around 40 hectares of parklands.

With plenty of playgrounds and ample parklands, children and pets have a place to play and socialise, making Attadale perfect for families and couples. This neighbourhood also offers two primary schools and plenty of childcare services.


Living in this area will give you easy access to Floreat Beach. This suburb is also located near the Western Australian Athletics Stadium and Floreat Oval, where you can do sports the whole week.

This area offers various housing options, such as houses with terraces and apartments. Floreat is perfect for families, professionals, and even retirees.

3. Determine Your Budget For Housing

While planning your relocation, you should also determine how much you’ll spend on housing. Perth property prices and rent vary depending on the location and size of the property.

The average rental prices for apartments in the inner city suburbs range from 1,600 AUD to 2,600 AUD (1,178.5 – 1,915.1 USD). These suburbs offer proximity to Perth CBD (Central Business District), which will reduce commuting time if you work in the CBD area.

If you want more affordable housing costs, you need to choose areas outside the inner-city. The monthly rent prices in these areas range from 1,200 AUD to 2,000 AUD (883.9 – 1,474 USD).

4. Learn The Cost Of Living In Perth To Make A Monthly Budget

The estimated monthly living cost for a single person in Perth is around 2,971 AUD (2,184.35 USD). A family of four spends about 6,015 AUD (4,422.3 USD) on living expenses per month.

The above numbers only account for living expenses and do not include rent, school tuition, and saving. You need to earn more or find ways to save more money if you have additional expenses.

Check out the following money tips to outsmart the cost of living in Perth:

If you are a student, register your TransPerth card as a full-time student to get a discount on transportation fares.
Make a weekly meal plan to avoid buying unnecessary items while doing groceries.
Find ‘reduced to clear’ items while doing your grocery shopping.

Enjoy free activities like going to the park or the local library.

5. Find More Opportunities In The Local Job Market

One of the most crucial things to plan is finding a job. It is better to get a job before moving to a new city to have a secured income.

To help you with your job search, here are some significant sectors in Perth that provide more job opportunities:

  • scientific and technical services,
  • professional services,
  • safety and health care assistance, and
  • mining.

Suppose your experience and expertise do not match the above industries. In that case, you can find opportunities in other sectors like hospitality and education.

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6. Check Out Perth’s Top Universities If You Want To Pursue A Higher Education

If your goal is to pursue higher education, then you are in the right place. In addition to excellent universities, students will also have part-time work opportunities and a chance to enjoy the local culture through food and festivals.

Below are some of the top universities in Perth that offer various programmes you can choose from:

  • The University of Western Australia,
  • Curtin University,
  • Murdoch University, and
  • Edith Cowan University.

7. Spare One Of Your Days Off To Familiarise Yourself With The Public Transport

Once you arrive in Perth, you need to plan an exploration day. It is the day that you go around the city by public transport. This is the best way to navigate the city and familiarise yourself with the routes.

Perth has an excellent public transport system provided by Transperth. It consists of buses, trains, and ferries.

You don’t need a car to explore the city area since buses and trains cover the routes in the metro area. However, if you want to go outside the city, like Swan Valley or Perth Hills, a car is needed.

8. Make A Bucket List Of Places To Visit While You Are Living In Perth

Make the most out of your experience in Perth. Spare time to explore the city attractions. You will be amazed by the architecture, story, and beauty of these places.

To start off your exploration, here are some of the must-visit city attractions in Perth:

  • Kings Park and Botanic Garden,
  • Perth Zoo,
  • Cottesloe Beach,
  • St Mary’s Cathedral,
  • Swan Bell Tower,
  • Swan Valley,
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia, and
  • Scarborough Beach.

Of course, there are more places you can visit other than the above. You can ask for more recommendations from your local colleagues or fellow expats living in Perth longer.

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9. Mark Your Calendar To Participate In These Annual Events

Even though the population in Perth is only about 1.9 million people, this city has fun events to offer. You will have events and festivals to look forward to each year.

Here are some of the unmissable annual events where you can learn more about Perth while having fun:

  • Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair,
  • Perth Comedy Festival,
  • Perth Festival,
  • Perth International Arts Festival, and
  • New Year’s Eve.

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10. Explore The Food Scene In Perth

Get familiar with the local food! Perth has various local dishes that click with your taste.

Below are some of the most recommended dishes to try in Perth for your reference:

  • crayfish,
  • meat pie
  • lamb burger,
  • chargrilled lamb shanks (pictured above),
  • Manna crab meat, and
  • Asian cuisines (dumplings and nasi lemak).

Crayfish is the most famous cuisine in West Australia. A crayfish dish can cost 40 AUD (29.46 USD) a portion. However, you should try the Perth crayfish dish at least once.

11. Follow These Practical Hacks While Preparing For Your Relocation

To have a smooth relocation, you need to prepare thoroughly. We share the two most practical tips that will prevent you from overlooking anything during your relocation process.

Make A Relocation List

Writing down everything you need will save you from stress since you won’t need to remember everything you need to do or prepare. You can use your phone or a small book to make a relocation list.

To help you create your relocation list, use the following categories to classify all the things you need:

  • documents (passport, id card, visa, etc.),
  • things to pack,
  • relocation necessities to buy (boxes and luggage),
  • flight tickets,
  • important contacts in Perth,
  • cash in Australian Dollars (AUD), and
  • a list of travelling precautions.

Feel free to add or eliminate the categories as needed. Please also remember to contact your employer and real estate agent to confirm your arrival and ensure that you have all the crucial documents. This way, you can relocate peacefully, knowing you have everything you need.

Make A Budget

Making a budget for relocation is crucial since you have to allocate the money for preparation, moving trip, and post-moving.

Having a relocation budget will help you determine how much you have to save each month. A budget will also help you decide which items should be prioritised and which can be delayed or eliminated.

12. Engage An International Moving Company To Make Your Relocation Process Less Stressful

If you are moving from overseas, you will need a moving company like Sanelo to help you ship your belongings. This hack will save you from carrying heavy luggage, paying for excess baggage, or leaving your favourite items due to lack of space.

Sanelo has a team with experience helping thousands of people move internationally and locally. Visit Sanelo’s official website for more information and get a quote.

Conclusion On Moving To Perth

Moving to Perth is a good idea to find more job opportunities or pursue higher education while enjoying a laid-back lifestyle.

This city also offers an excellent public transport system and neighbourhoods that will suit anyone’s needs. You can also enjoy fun annual events and explore many recreational options. For the foodies, Perth has various iconic dishes that you should try.

To ensure your relocation goes smoothly, you must be well prepared. Make a relocation list and budget to help you manage the moving process and engage Sanelo to ship your belongings, so your moving trip will be less stressful.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Perth

Is Moving To Perth A Good Idea?

Perth is a liveable city in Australia. The city is not too crowded, and the weather is warm.

This city has a good transportation system, a high safety rate, and a perfect place to work and live.

The only thing you need to consider is the high cost of living in Perth. You may want to ask for tips or recommendations from your colleagues or fellow expats about how to cut your monthly expenses.

Are People In Perth Friendly?

West Australians, including Perth residents, are known to be warm and friendly. This city is also named as Australian friendliest city.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be worried about not making any friends. You can start by asking them for recommendations of places to eat and visit to start a conversation. Small talk may open up new friendships with the locals.

How Much Should I Make Monthly To Live In Perth?

The average salary in Perth is 5,417.28 AUD (3,988 USD). This amount of salary is enough for a single person. It can afford the average living expenses and monthly rent.

If you move with a family, you need to earn at least 7,000 AUD (5,153 USD) to be able to afford the living expenses and rent in Perth.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving To Perth?

It is best to contact Sanelo two or three months before your moving date. This way, our team will have enough time to schedule a slot and adjust the process to meet your needs.

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