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Moving/Relocating To Portland: 5 Untold Essential Tips To Get You Started!

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Portland is one the largest cities to live in, and definitely, no surprise that more and more are moving to the city every day. However, many people moving to Portland, Oregon, often ask themselves, “What am I forgetting?” If you’re one of those people and need a few helpful tips before moving to this wonderful city, then look no further!

There is a lot of information about the area and what it’s like to live in Portland. But to make you get ready for life in Portland, we have compiled five essential things to know before moving to Portland!

Let’s dive right into it!


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1. Top 3 Common Reasons Why So Many People Are Moving To Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the most environmentally responsible cities in the United States, making it an ideal destination for those interested in sustainability. There are a lot of job possibilities throughout 21st-century Portland because it’s a highly technical centre. Oregon is a beautiful state with many things to do and see besides the incredible surrounding nature. Portland alone has so much going on from food, art, music and more that it would be impossible to list everything here!

Many people are also moving to Portland, Oregon because it is an excellent place for outdoor activities. The area’s natural beauty appeals to many active, health-conscious individuals who want access to hiking trails and an outdoor lifestyle. Additionally, Portland has become one of the most popular cities in America for microbreweries which again attracts another type of person looking for something unique.

There are just many reasons people are moving to Portland, Oregon, and the state is known for its beautiful landscapes. The nature that surrounds you will be unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before. Because of this, it’s easy to see how moving to Portland has become such a popular option.

Aside from that, if you are moving to Portland, Oregon, you are probably wondering what are the living expenses, job markets and how to get around the city. No worries, we got you covered as well! Read on!

Living Costs In Portland, Oregon

One of the most important things to think about when moving to Portland, Oregon, is living costs. However, you will be glad to know that the city has a very affordable cost of living compared to other cities with a higher cost of living. Thus, moving to Portland, Oregon, is an attractive place for people on a budget or who have just moved from somewhere else with higher rent prices.

You can expect to pay 30% less for the same rental property, house or apartment when moving to Portland. Portland’s monthly living expenses for a single person is around $1,056.47 each month. Which is about half of what it would cost in larger cities such as New York City or Los Angeles.

In Portland, you can rent a one-bedroom apartment for around $620 onwards. The apartment price usually includes water/sewer service charges only. Depending on the building, you may need to pay for electricity, which is a minor additional cost.

This also makes it easy on your wallet with many amenities within reach, including groceries, utilities and transportation, which rank relatively low compared to other US metropolitan areas. If this weren’t enough, Portland has no state income tax!

However, be aware that you will have to factor in a rental security deposit and moving expenses when moving from another city or state, so plan your budget accordingly! If you need help in avoiding common relocating pitfalls, check out our helpful guide over here!

Multiple Job Opportunities In Portland, Oregon

Portland has a pretty decent job market. It also made the list of cities with high-paying jobs, including technology and engineering sectors! This makes it a great place for job seekers looking to grow their careers.

It is also home to many of the top tech companies in Oregon, including Elemental Technologies (video services), Jama Software (customer experience software), Puppet Labs (software automation) and New Relic (application monitoring). This means there are plenty of opportunities for you to find tech jobs that suit your skillset.

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Commuting Around Portland, Oregon Is Super Easy

The city of Portland has one major airport, the Portland International Airport (PDX). The average flight time to New York is about two hours and forty minutes. The easiest way to get around within the city is by car or public transportation; however, it might be hard for people unfamiliar with driving in an urban area.

The good news is, there are plenty of options to commute around Portland without renting or buying a car. The city offers ride-sharing services and an extensive public transit system in Portland called the “MAX”. This metro service has several bus lines, a light rail line and even a tram. The bus system covers the entire city and its suburbs. Each bus is also wheelchair accessible and comes equipped with bike racks. Talk about convenience!

It’s also easy to get around this area. Many cycling routes connect to places throughout the city, making it easy to get around walking or cycling. Even if you do not have a bike, there are plenty of places to rent one. It’s no surprise the locals call it a bike-friendly city!

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2. Food Lovers Rejoice Because Its Food Paradise In Portland, Oregon

Love Being Creative With Your Food? Then You Will Have Plenty Of Fun With Food Carts!

Portland is home to some of the best restaurants in America, so moving here means you’re not far from a tasty meal. Portland also has plenty of food carts, and it’s an undeniable part of its local culinary identity. Here are some of the popular food carts within the city:

Yoshi’s Sushi Bur

Yoshi’s Sushi is a Portland staple, and for a good reason. They offer some of the freshest sushi burritos you’ll find in the city, the flavours are inventive, and it’s incredibly affordable! Be sure to check out the Kati rolls, which come in a wide variety of options to choose from! You can surely taste the ocean with a bite of their super fresh seafood!

Yoshi’s Sushi is located at 3530 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97219.

Matt’s BBQ

BBQ lovers will regret not visiting Matt’s BBQ! It is home to some of the most authentic brisket you can find in America. If you want slow-cooked barbecue, this is your place! With everything from pulled pork to pastrami, it’s a go-to for meat-eaters in the region. It has also become a Portland tradition with additions like Texas-style tacos, emphasising the expertly cooked barbecue.

Matt’s BBQ is located at 4233 N Mississippi Ave, Portland, OR 97217.

Stretch The Noodle

Fancy some Ma La or five spicy? Stretch The Noodle is a food cart that specializes in Taiwanese cuisine. If you like noodles, this place does it well! They offer beef noodle soup and rice plates and dumplings to the delight of any hungry Portlander. It’s affordable too, which will make moving here more attractive on your budget!

Stretch The Noodle is located at 223-269 SW Washington St, Portland, OR 97204.

Jojo Food Truck

Another popular food cart in Portland, Oregon, is the Jojo Food Truck. This small business specializes in all things breakfast! People love it because they can get their eggs and specialty meats with an option for gluten-free toast! It’s also affordable enough to leave you some cash to try out other places here!

Jojo Food Truck is located at 3582 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202.

Prefer To Dine Indoors Or Fancy Some Restaurant Dining Experience?

If you’re looking for sit-down restaurants that are just as good, we got you covered as well! Check out the list below:

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Andina Restaurant

Andina Restaurant is one of Portland’s most popular Peruvian restaurants. It was a James Beard award winner for its modern take on traditional dishes! Many people recommend the ceviche here, and it will certainly have you drawn towards Peruvian dishes.

Andina Restaurant is located at 1314 NW Glisan St, Portland, OR 97209.

Brother’s Wings & Bings

If you’re looking for some finger-lickin’ good wings, then this is the place to go! It’s a small family-owned restaurant that offers all kinds of chicken and seafood options. They also have an amazing selection of bings and desserts if you want something sweet after your meal!

Brother’s Wings & Bings is located at 10075 SW Barbur Blvd Ste 4, Portland, OR 97219.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar

If you like French cuisine, Mother’s Bistro is a must for you! It has been serving Portland since 1979, and it’s no surprise why. The food here is amazing, with the freshest ingredients that will leave your taste buds satisfied! They have various options from American to seafood dishes, so everyone can find something they love on the menu.

Mother’s Bistro is located at 121 SW 3rd Ave, Pine & Ash St, Portland, OR 97204.

With that long list of food recommendations we have provided, you’re now ready to go out and explore the food scene in Portland! Whether you like Asian, American, or Mexican cuisine, there’s something for everyone!

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3. Show Your Moves On The Dance Floor In Portland, Oregon

Portland is known for its fantastic nightlife! You can find endless activities when the sun sets. Whether you’re looking to go dancing or see a live show, this city has it all.

One of Portland’s most popular bars is McMenamins Crystal Ballroom. It was built in 1907 and has been redeveloped throughout the decades to keep up with new technology! Many events are held here, from concerts, dance nights, comedy shows, and even weddings. This makes it a hotspot for people looking to have fun on a weekday or weekend night out!

Another great place for entertainment options is the Goodfoot Lounge. It is another great bar that puts on live music acts every night starting at about 11 p.m., making it an awesome place to go if you’re looking for something fun to do before heading home! They also have food available and board games, so make this your first stop when visiting Portland!

Dante’s Bar & Grill is another local favourite place to enjoy good drinks and listen to quality jazz bands perform on a stage nearly every weekend throughout the winter season (except Mondays). This bar/restaurant works well for groups since they have a huge dining area and outdoor patio.

All of these bars/venues are perfect examples of what makes Portland such a vibrant city; there’s always something going on no matter the day or time! With all the fun and exciting things to do in Portland, it can be hard not to stay out late every night!

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4. Ice Cold Craft Beer Are Always Better In Portland, Oregon

If we are talking about the late-night bars, then there is something we are missing out on, right?

Craft beers, of course!

There is a very distinctive culture in Portland revolving around craft beer. In fact, there are more breweries here than in any other city! Most of them have their own tasting rooms where you can try out various beers from all over the world. They also offer tours for people who want to experience what it’s like inside these establishments.

If you’re into trying some local brews that don’t follow traditional styles, then Hair Of The Dog Brewery might just be your thing! They specialize in barrel-aged sour ales using wild yeast strains, which weren’t originally intended for brewing beer but were chosen because they impart interesting flavours on the final product. So if you love experimenting with different types of unusual flavours, Hair Of The Dog Brewery is the place for you!

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5. Get Dazzled By The Beautiful Attractions When You Move To Portland, Oregon

If you are up for sightseeing or looking forward to tourist attractions, then Portland, Oregon, is the right choice! The city is home to some of the top-rated tourist attractions ranging from parks to museums! It has a variety of things to offer for everyone.

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of the most visited attractions in Portland, Oregon. It’s a science and technology museum that offers over 25,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits to discover! You can learn about space, geology, robotics & much more at this place.

There are different types of exhibits that offer multiple activities. You can find out more by visiting their website.  If you’re looking forward to learning something new, this is definitely a good place to go. It’s one of those attractions where you can spend a whole day and not get bored because it has something new to offer every time you visit.

Another great place to visit is the Portland Japanese Garden. It’s a tranquil and beautiful garden that was built in 1963! The garden has been visited by over ten million people since then, making it one of the most visited places around town and an internationally recognized attraction. The grounds are filled with traditional elements, including waterfalls, footbridges, ponds and much more! You can spend hours exploring this place. It’s an ideal location if you are looking forward to spending time in complete tranquillity without any noise or action around you.

For the green fingers, the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum is an interactive learning centre that provides informational, entertaining and engaging exhibits for all ages. The museum is part of the U.S.’s Forest Service’s International Program, which educates visitors about sustainable forest management practices to preserve our forests around the world today.

Conclusion About Moving To Portland Oregon

And there we have it! Portland is a fantastic city, and there is so much to see and do in the city! We hope this article has given you a helpful overview of what to expect and how to prepare for your move.

If you’re still having trouble deciding whether or not Portland is the right city for you or you simply need more advice on moving to Portland Oregon, we invite you to contact us today! Our team will be happy to answer any questions that may arise in finding your new home and help you do the heavy lifting.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Portland, Oregon

Is Moving To Portland, Oregon The Right Choice?

Yes! Portland is a fantastic city, and there is so much to see and do in the city! Moving to Portland, Oregon, is becoming increasingly popular and with good reason! There’s a lot to love from the gorgeous greenery, amazing weather, and friendliness of its residents.

However, you must do your research before making such an important decision as moving away from home or packing up your current life for another city.

Our team will be happy to answer any questions that may arise in the process of finding your new home.

Does It Rain A lot In Portland, Oregon?

Yes! Portland, Oregon, receives a lot of rain, about 37 inches annually. However, much like the rest of the Pacific Northwest and its surrounding cities (Seattle, Washington and San Francisco), it also experiences an abundant amount of rainfall in fall/winter time and summertime.

The rainy season lasts from October through March, where you can expect to see many cloudy days. The rest of the year is often filled with sunny weather, making it perfect for picnics and outdoor activities.

The drier months are April through June, where Portland, Oregon, is a great place for hiking and biking.

Is Portland, Oregon LGBT friendly?

Portland is an extremely LGBT friendly city. In fact, it has been named as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the entire US multiple times! The Pride Parade and Festival are a big deal here, drawing huge crowds from all over Oregon. There are many support networks for those who identify as LGBTQ+, including active social groups, community centres, and more.

What Is Portland, Oregon, Famous for?

Portland is famous for its city streets, coffee shops, food, beer and outdoor culture. While it might seem like a young city compared to Seattle or San Francisco (two other popular U.S cities), Portland actually has an old history of successful businesses in the past 50 years, making Oregon City one of the top places to live today!


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