Moving to Switzerland: 11 Facts To Get You Prepared

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Moving to Switzerland is not only about opportunities to have better careers. Many move to Switzerland because:

  • high living standards
  • high-quality public services
  • access to nature
  • excellent education

To find the benefits of living in Switzerland, you need to read this article thoroughly. Here we share information to give you an insight into what it is like living in Switzerland.

1. The Pros And Cons Of Living In Switzerland You Can Anticipate

Moving to Switzerland can be your best experience if you are ready to embrace the pros and cons. Therefore, we share some of the pros and cons of living in Switzerland to help you adapt to this country.

The Benefits Of Living In Switzerland

Excellent Healthcare

Switzerland has an excellent healthcare service because of the extensive network of doctors and well-equipped hospitals. By using short waiting lists, they ensure prompt treatment for patients.

What’s more, the emergency rooms in this country are rarely overwhelmed. Therefore, most Swiss residents are satisfied with the local healthcare service.

Education System

The education system in Switzerland is among the best in the world. The local government pay great attention to education and makes it accessible for everyone.

Switzerland also provides vocational training to its residents. The training aims to increase the employment rate by teaching various skills to students.

A Beautiful Country

Switzerland’s undeniable beauty encompasses a breathtaking diversity of landscapes. Towering mountains share the scene with sparkling lakes, cascading rivers, and verdant forests, creating a tapestry of natural wonders.

If exploring nature and historical sites is your favourite thing to do, Switzerland is the right choice for you. On top of that, this country has good public transport, making it convenient to go around.

Moving to Switzerland


Talk with your local colleagues, ask them to show you around, and learn more about the local culture. You can also join groups with the same hobbies and interests to find new Swiss friends.

Culture Shock

You may experience culture shock in a new country. Therefore, you need a supportive environment to help you to adapt.

One of the best ways to overcome culture shock is to join expat communities. You can discuss your hardships with other expats in the community. Learn about how others have overcome similar hardships. Having a supportive environment will also help you navigate through Switzerland’s expat life.

2. Enjoy The Four Seasons

Summers in Switzerland are warm with average temperatures from 65°F(18 °C) to 82° F(28 °C). During winters, the temperatures range from 28°F(-2 °C) to 45° F(7 °C).

You can enjoy so much no matter the season. You can visit beautiful places around the country, join a tour or an event, and ski in the winter.

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3. The Best Cities In Switzerland That Suit Your Vibes

Switzerland offers cities with high living standards. Finding the perfect city is easy, with a high safety rate, excellent public services, and access to nature.

As a reference for your search, we have some of the best places to live in Switzerland.


Geneva is home to the United Nations (UN), Red Cross, and World’s World Health Organisation (WHO). That’s why this city has many expats, and many of them are diplomats.

You can survive with English in Geneva. However, it will be better to learn French before moving there. This way, you can communicate with more people, especially the local residents.


Basel is famous for being a student city. It has nightlife, beautiful scenery, and is relatively affordable.

Living near the French and German borders grants residents easy access to both countries. You can cross borders to France and Germany easily for shopping or a vacation.


Sion can be your option if you love to live in a mountainous area. The city serves as the capital of Valais canton, which itself boasts a prime location directly bordering Italy.

Sion is a French-speaking city, surrounded by mountains. Some of the best things to do while living here are skiing, sightseeing, and visiting the hilltop castles.

4. High Living Expenses In Switzerland Will Never Bother You Anyway

We do admit that the cost of living in Switzerland is expensive. Swiss residents also pay high taxes each year.

The estimated monthly expense for a single person is 1,500 CHF (€1,454.70). If you add this number with the average monthly rent, 2,000 CHF (€1,939.60), you will find that the overall monthly expense is more than 3,000 CHF (€2,909.40.).

The average salary in this country is one of the highest globally, 60,000 CHF (€58,000).

5. Opportunities To Work In Various Industries

The main industries in Switzerland are finance and banking. However, there are also opportunities in other industry sectors.

As an insight for you while you’re on a job hunt, below are some growing sectors you can look into:

  • agriculture,
  • chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • mechanical and electrical engineering, and
  • hospitality.

If you’re job hunting before moving to Switzerland, you can make use of job portals. Another effective way is to contact a local acquaintance to refer you to a company.

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6. Transfer Your Children To The Best Schools In Switzerland

As mentioned before, Switzerland has excellent education services. If you move with your children, you can transfer them to Swiss schools.

Swiss public schools offer both local and international programs at no cost to students, and uniforms are not mandatory. On the other hand, private schools in this country are expensive.

Usually, expat families will send their children to international schools. The local government actively supports your children’s integration. They do this by providing language classes in the official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.

7. This Is How You Get Around In Switzerland

The public transport system in Switzerland is one of the best in the world. It incorporates trains, buses, boats, lake steamers, funiculars and even cable cars.

On top of that, Switzerland has four airports that make this country well connected. The busiest airports in Switzerland are:

  • Zurich Airport,
  • Geneva Airport,
  • EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, and
  • St. Gallen Airport.

You will also find other means of public transport such as taxis and ride-sharing. These transport alternatives make exploring regions in Switzerland more enjoyable.

8. What’s It Like Living In Switzerland?

Switzerland offers an unparalleled year-round playground for every interest. From exhilarating outdoor pursuits to captivating cultural experiences, there’s always an abundance of activities to satisfy the most discerning visitor, regardless of the season.

If you prefer to enjoy your off days indoors, then the following places are for you:

  • Queen Studio Experience,
  • Basel Minster,
  • The Olympic Museum Lausanne (Musee Olympique),
  • Kunstmuseum Basel,
  • Stiftsbibliothek,
  • Swiss Science Centre Technorama, and
  • Omega Museum.

As much as you love relaxing, you should also try some outdoor activities. Here are some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in Switzerland:

  • going on a tour at CERN,
  • hiking in the Alps,
  • wine tasting in Vaud,
  • going on a trip to Jungfraujoch by train, and
  • sightseeing on the GoldenPass Line.

9. Join The Festivals In Switzerland

Switzerland has its way of bringing fun and the community together through festivals. Participating in the festivals is the best way to get you closer to the local community’s culture.

You can mark your calendar to attend local festivals as follows:

  • International Balloon Festival,
  • Fête de L’Escalade,
  • Gauklerfest – International Street Performer’s Festival,
  • Basler Fasnacht, and
  • Montreux Jazz Festival.

For your information, the jazz festival in Switzerland is the biggest one in Europe. A visit here promises an unforgettable experience, making it a must-see for any well-rounded travel itinerary.

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10. The Variety Of Food In Switzerland Is More Than You Thought

Each region in Switzerland has its own specialities. Therefore, exploring food scenes in this country will introduce you to a large variety of foods.

Try these recommendations that will never go wrong with your taste buds:

  • rösti (hot cake from grated potatoes),
  • Zürcher Geschnetzelte (a veal dish),
  • amaretti (small Italian macaroons),
  • Churer meat tart, Birnbrot (thin layer of bread mixed with fruits and nuts), and many more.

In addition to the above dishes, you should also try variations of dishes made from cheese like fried cheese and cheese fondue.

11. Reasons Why You Should Hire A Moving Company

To get a stress-free relocation process, we recommend engaging a moving company to ship your belongings to Switzerland. A professional relocation company like Sanelo has the experience and expertise to ship belongings from worldwide.

Here are some reasons why engaging Sanelo is a must:

  • You don’t need to carry heavy luggage during the moving trip.
  • Our team will help you pick up and ship your belongings to Switzerland.
  • Sanelo will walk you through the shipment process.

Conclusion About Moving To Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that offers many benefits to its residents and expats. Immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes, savour delectable cuisine, and participate in vibrant festivals.

You will also find Swiss cities that offer great neighbourhoods for singles, families, and even students. This makes working and living here more enjoyable.

Switzerland offers excellent education, public transport, and healthcare. Despite the relatively high cost of living, Switzerland is still one of the best places to live in the world.

To avoid troubles during your relocation process, you should consider hiring a professional like Sanelo. We have teams that will help you to ensure your relocation is seamless by delivering your belongings to Swiss.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Switzerland

Is It Difficult To Move To Switzerland?

Immigrating to Switzerland is not easy, even for EU citizens.

First, you need to earn an appropriate visa, then you need a residence permit. Therefore, it will be best to move after securing a job.

Can I Move To Switzerland Without A Job?

Yes, you can. You are able to live in Switzerland without having a job only for a certain amount of days. For more specific information, you should contact your immigration office.

Can Expats Live In Switzerland?

Switzerland has been one of the favourite hot spots for expats. As long as you have a residency permit, you can live and even buy a house in Switzerland.

Can Sanelo Ship My Belongings To Switzerland?

Sanelo can ship your belongings to Switzerland. Our team is ready to make your international relocation a less stressful experience.

Visit our website and contact us for more information. Contact us now to get your FREE relocation quote.

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