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Moving/Relocating To Columbus: 6 Must-Read Valuable Tips To Settle In Like A Local

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Are you thinking of moving to a new city? Are you looking for an inclusive and friendly community, a low cost of living, a diverse job market, and a ton of things to do? If you are, moving to Columbus, Ohio might be your best bet!

That’s why we’re here to let you in on some valuable tips you’d want to know about living in Columbus, Ohio. We’ll share with you all the important points, such as where to live in Columbus Ohio, where to have fun, what to do to fit in, where to eat, and many more so that you can settle in like a local resident!

Ready? Let’s start!

1. Know The City: A Brief Introduction To Columbus Ohio

Columbus is the state capital of Ohio, and is unsurprisingly the most populous city in the state. Ohio is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States (US).

Given its geographical location, Columbus’s climate is characterised as humid continental, with large temperature differences between seasons. During winters, the average temperature can dip to as low as 21°F and can get as high as 85°F in the summers. You can expect about 178 sunny days in Columbus each year.

In terms of the community, the people of Columbus are known for their open, friendly and inclusive nature. As such, it is no surprise that there is an extensive LGBTQ+ community there!

2. Before Living In Columbus, Know The Economy

Low Cost Of Living

Overall, the cost of living in Columbus, Ohio is about 10% lower than the national average. The cost of living is mostly brought down due to the housing and utility expenses which are 23% and 22% lower than the national average respectively. Groceries and transportation expenses are almost equal to the national average, with only about 1% and 3% difference respectively.

The median household income of the residents of Columbus is approximately $53,000. This serves as a good estimate for people who are planning to settle down here.

Diverse Job Market
One of the main reasons why people are moving to Columbus is because its diverse economy presents ample job opportunities throughout a wide range of industries, including:

  • education
  • hospitality
  • government
  • insurance
  • steel
  • energy
  • medical research
  • health care
  • retail
  • technology

If you intend to work in any of these industries, then moving to Columbus would likely be a step in the right direction for your career. Some of the largest employers in Columbus are the Ohio State University and Medical Center, the State of Ohio, JPMorgan Chase, Columbus Public Schools and OhioHealth.

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3. Where To Live In Columbus Ohio? Find Your Ideal Columbus Neighbourhood

Downtown Columbus

As you would probably have guessed, Downtown Columbus is the Central Business District of Columbus, Ohio This neighbourhood is home to numerous higher education institutions, including Columbus State Community College, Franklin University, Columbus College of Art and Design, Grant Medical Center and Capital University Law School, making it ideal for students who prefer living near colleges. Since this is the business district, living in Downtown Columbus would also likely mean you’re living near your workplace.

If you enjoy living in the hustle and bustle of the city, consider getting a place in Downtown Columbus. The median price of homes in this neighbourhood is $380,000.

German Village

Located in Franklin County, German Village is a neighbourhood in Columbus, Ohio, with a population of 5,805 and an urban-suburban feel. This neighbourhood is known for its charming brick houses built by German immigrants when they settled down in the 19th century. Those with a knack for the arts will appreciate the art galleries, shops selling handmade jewellery, and outdoor plays at Schiller Park.

Residents of German Village also get to enjoy amenities such as restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Located only 6 minutes away from Downtown Columbus by car, this neighbourhood is a top pick among young professionals.

The median price of homes in German Village is about $592,550.

Victorian Village

If you’re an architecture enthusiast, this neighbourhood might just be your cup of tea. It is home to buildings of various architectural styles, including Second Empire villas, Queen Anne houses and Gothic Revival Mansions. At the same time, it offers a dense urban feel with lots of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks.

Goodale Park is the oldest park in the Columbus area and among the oldest in the US. It is the venue for ComFest (short for Community Festival), an annual music and arts festival held on the last weekend in June. Once you’ve moved to Columbus, consider attending the festival for opportunities to meet the local residents and make new friends while enjoying live music!

The median home price in Victorian Village is $470,000.

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4. Living In Columbus Means You Won’t Get Bored

If there’s one thing we’re certain of, it’s that Columbus, Ohio has something for everyone. From attractions and museums to shopping, you won’t get bored when you’re living in Columbus Ohio.


Spend a day out with your family at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! Located near Dublin and along the Scioto River, this zoo boasts over 10,000 animals from across 7 regions. Take part in the exciting tours and experiences for both in-person and virtual opportunities to connect with the wildlife. This is the perfect place to bring your children!

PLAY: CBUS Indoor Adventure Park, the largest indoor adventure park in Columbus, is a 53,000 square foot indoor active entertainment facility suitable for all groups and ages. It boasts the world’s largest indoor ropes course with over 100 elements including climbing walls, ziplines, obstacle courses and courses for kids!


Arts enthusiasts can rejoice in Columbus as it is home to many galleries and museums.

Find out more about the personal perspectives of American war veterans at The National Veterans Memorial and Museum, or visit the Columbus Museum of Art to appreciate contemporary art and the works of artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries. You can expect exhibits such as sculptures, paintings, photography, wood carvings, and glass.

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If traditional museums are not your style, try the #Viral Selfie Museum. This one-of-a-kind attraction is a gallery with more than 19 handmade interactive exhibits designed to inspire creativity and, you guessed it, Instagram-worthy selfies!


Prefer shopping instead? You’re in luck as Columbus, Ohio is home to many shopping malls. Here are some malls you can consider visiting for some retail therapy:

  • Easton Town Center
  • Eastland Mall
  • Easton Market
  • Lennox Town Center
  • Polaris Fashion Place

5. Public Transportation In Columbus

With so many things you can do in Columbus, surely now you’re wondering how to get around the city! Let us explain briefly what you can expect when you’re living in Columbus Ohio.

In general, Columbus, Ohio is a car city. This means that getting around the city would definitely be easier by car. If getting a car is not in your plans, you may make use of ride-sharing platforms like Lyft to get around. In addition, you might want to seriously consider living in a walkable neighbourhood. Some walkable Columbus neighbourhoods include German Village, Victorian Village, Short North, South Campus and Brewery District.

Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) is a bus service serving the greater Columbus region every 15 minutes all day, 7 days a week, making it ideal for commuters working downtown and everywhere in-between. COTA also provides Airconnect and CBUS services that serve the John Glenn Columbus International Airport and Downtown Columbus respectively. However, do note that the Airconnect and CBUS services are currently not in operation due to the pandemic.

Biking is also an increasingly popular option now. CoGo Bike Share provides 600+ bikes across 70+ stations throughout Columbus, Bexley, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington and Easton. A 1-day access pass will cost you $8, while a 3-day pass will cost you $18.

6. Top Schools And Colleges At/Near Columbus Ohio

Besides the Ohio State University (#49 in National Universities) and the institutions of higher education that can be found Downtown, residents of Columbus, Ohio are within close proximity to other prominent colleges. They need not travel out of state to pursue higher education. These colleges include:

  • Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Ohio (#42 in National Universities)
  • Otterbein University (#12 in Regional Universities Midwest)
  • Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (near Cincinnati)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Dayton
  • Ohio University

Columbus is also home to notable high schools such as Bexley High School (4th in Ohio), Dublin Jerome High School (15th in Ohio), Grandview Heights High School and Columbus Alternative High School, making it the perfect city to move to with your family!

Conclusion About Moving To Columbus, Ohio

So there you have it, 6 valuable tips you must know before heading off to Columbus to live your dream life!

If there’s anything to take away from this article, it’s that the educational opportunities, job opportunities, low cost of living and the many things you can do in Columbus make it the best city to move to, even with children! Having a car will make your commute there easier, but there are other options such as Lyft and public transportation available that you can count on.

Are you ready to relocate to Columbus Ohio? If you are ready, do contact Sanelo to make your moving experience the best one yet. We provide both local and international moving services so whether you’re moving from within the US or not, we’ve got your back!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Columbus, Ohio

What Is The Average Salary In Columbus, Ohio?

The average annual salary is $67,000. Of course, this number is dependent on various factors like the industry, your experience, the economy, and so on. In general, professions in the engineering industry have higher average salaries in Columbus.

Are There Spaces For Outdoor Recreation In Columbus?

Yes! Columbus is home to many parks and green spaces such as Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Scioto Mile, Whetstone Park / Park of Roses and Topiary Garden. There are also bike paths and hiking trails such as the Lower Scioto River BikePath, where you can lead a healthy lifestyle while admiring the serene nature.

Are There Any Other Cities In Ohio That Are Worth Considering?

Yes, Cleveland and Cincinnati are two other cities in Ohio that you may want to consider moving to. They are both about an hour away from Columbus. Indianapolis is another nearby city you could consider. However, it is located in the adjacent state of Indiana and not in Ohio.

Will Sanelo Ship My Belongings Safely?

Yes! When you engage Sanelo to ship your belongings, we will enrol you into our shipment protection. This includes almost everything you can think of, from mechanical and electrical equipment to wine and liquor.


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