Moving To Houston: 7 Simple Tips To Ensure A Smooth Relocation

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Considering moving to Houston but not exactly sure where to start?

Not sure if relocating to Houston, Texas, will allow you to experience the vibrant city life and unravel exciting job opportunities?

In this article, we will cover some of the most common tips for living in Houston, a lively center of ethnic, cultural, and diverse career city.

1. Make Sure You Know The Latest Economy Status Before Moving To Houston

It does sound exciting to learn from the media that Houston used to rank #30 in its Best Places to Live Assessment and #26 in Best Places to Retire. But how true is it now?

Here are some latest information you absolutely must know before moving to Houston:

  • In recent years, Houston ranks once again in the fourth position as the most populous city in the country and the most populous city in Texas to live in.
  • Houston is currently home to a thriving energy industry and five professional sports teams.
  • Houston still ranks as the most affordable and family-friendly city compared to moving to New York or other bigger cities.

If you are still considering your decision to relocate to Houston, TX, think about the fact that the city is a growing economy and how diverse this city is with so many residents from other countries. You’ll definitely be able to explore an exceptional deal of cuisines, fun, entertainment, culture, and opportunities.

2. Understand The Real Reason On Why People Are Relocating To Houston, TX

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Houston is the fourth most populous city in the U.S., with a population of 2.3 million people, and the number is still growing as more people are Relocating To Houston, TX.

Some of the reasons why people are moving to Houston include:

  • It is easier to settle their life in Houston as the city has more than 145 languages spoken, making it a place for the third most number of languages spoken in the U.S.
  • Houston is also the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas because it has a large international community. Hence, there is a sense of belongingness as finding a community is not difficult.
  • There are always job opportunities as Houston serves as the capital city, a trading center, and home of the largest medical city in the world, the Texas Medical Center.
  • Houston is also a place where entertainment options are endless. There is nightlife, professional sports teams, and many award-winning restaurants, making Houstonians busy trying all of these!

Houston has now developed into a global city with many urban facilities, a diverse population, and a strong job market. With these combined, it makes Houston a trendy city and a desirable place to live.

3. You Must Weigh The Pros & Cons Of The Cost Of Living In Houston

Houston is considered 13% less expensive compared to living in Austin, relocating to Dallas, or moving to other major cities in Texas. This is because Houston has no income tax, and jobs often offer higher salaries. If relocating to Houston, TX is one of your future plans; you might find yourself with much more money in your bank account. Having said that, we have some Moving To Houston Tips to share with you.


  • Relocating to Houston, TX, is less pricey than buying a house in Austin and Dallas. The median home price in Dallas is $330,000 and $600,000 in Austin, while Houston’s average median home price is $304,000.
  • The energy costs for people living in Houston are lower because there are fewer regulations than in other states. Since 2002, Texas has had the largest deregulated electric sector in the US, and because of the number of companies and firms in the energy industry, this allows Houston residents to choose power plans from various providers that can offer the best deal. Another fun fact from Energybot is that Houston’s average commercial electricity rate is 10.5 ¢/kWh (4% lower than the national average), and the residential electricity rate is 11.97 ¢/kWh (13% lower than the national average).


  • Relocating to Houston, TX means that you have to pay higher property taxes and a sales tax of over 8%.
  • Living closely to work can save you money on gas and time. But living closer to downtown or in the center of the high-end neighbourhood costs you more.

4. Secure A Job First Before Relocating To Houston Texas

Home to the top manufacturing metro area in the U.S., 500 companies, a well-established aerospace hub, 50 health care sectors, education, and research institutions, Houston is a place for high-paying and highly skilled jobs. The average annual income is higher than what residents of many other extensive metro areas make.

There is much more to the metro area economy aside from the oil and gas industries. If you have a specific skill set or advanced degrees, especially in health care, aerospace, or gas and oil, consider relocating to Houston, TX, after securing a job here.

Houston indeed has one of the strongest job markets compared to other cities, but it is also a fact that the unemployment rate in the city is slightly higher than the national average.

5. Live Extravagantly With An Average Income Is Possible

As the country’s fourth most populated city, Houston is big on urban facilities with an economical price tag. One major Moving To Houston Tip that most will overlook is that you can still find some great options for renting and buying homes even before moving to Houston.

According to the Apartment list’s average rent data, the average rent in Houston for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,306 and $1,794 for a two-bedroom. To live comfortably in a one-bedroom apartment, you only need an annual income of $47,016 or higher.

6. It Is Easier To Move To Houston For Studies

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There are various school districts to review depending on where you choose to live. The Houston Independent School District is one of the largest in the country. In fact, HISD is Texas’ largest school district, with 284 schools. Making resources more accessible to children because of the larger neighbourhood.

While your primary education will be limited to schools in the Houston region, secondary education is abundant due to the state’s numerous top-rated universities.

To all college students, you will have all the options to attend any college in Texas, and you will significantly qualify for a discounted in-state tuition rate. Rice University, which is close to the Medical Center and West U and is not a state school, is considered the Ivy League of the South.

7. Prepare Yourself To Tex-Mex

If you are looking for a perfect reason for relocating to Houston, Texas, the delicious food you could enjoy should be at the top of your list. Houston is a food paradise and is known for its iconic barbeque and Tex-Mex.

Wondering what Tex-Mex is?

The word Tex-Mex was first used to describe American Mexican cuisine in Texas. Residents of the state loved their Mexican food so much that they started preparing it at home with ingredients they had on hand, such as meat and wheat.

Fajitas, nachos, and any dish with beef, black beans, canned veggies, wheat flour, or yellow cheese are examples of Tex-Mex cuisine. These ingredients are not widely used south of the Rio Grande or on the Mexican side. This means Tex-Mex food is available in numerous places in Houston. Tex-Mex ingredients are available at grocery stores, while Tex-Mex food can be found at restaurants like Twisted Taco.

Texas also boasts its healthy, breaded, deep-fried, and spicy cooking styles. You could even choose to sit down to dine at the restaurants or simply decide to stand on the street to consume street food.

Don’t forget Houston’s exotic and fascinating dishes, including chicken-fried steak, Viet-cajun crawfish, kolache, fajitas, and many more!

Houston has more than 11,000 restaurants as cultural and ethnic diversity rises. You can find Asian, Thai, Indian, and Southern cuisine and any cuisines you can imagine.

Conclusion On Relocating To Houston

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Houston, Texas

What Are My Transportation Options In Houston?

You will likely drive to work as 90 percent of Houston residents own their own cars. The city is not walkable due to its proximity between amenities. Moreover, public transportation in Houston is still not as functional as it could be. However, the state is gradually improving its public transportation infrastructure.

What Are Some Fun Weekend Activities In Houston?

If you love sports, you will definitely enjoy and feel right at home in Houston. Don’t forget to visit Houston’s Theater District, which offers opera, ballet, and theatre. Outdoor concerts are also available at Miller Outdoor Theatre and Woodlands Pavilion!

How Much Does Moving To Houston Cost?

Keen to know what the cost of moving to Houston might be like?  More importantly, you want that cost in a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimate; otherwise, you leave yourself open to surprises on your final bill. Learn more about Sanelo.

What Are The Liability Options If I Were To Engage A Moving Company When Moving To Houston?

Ask the company what level of liability coverage they are providing to make sure your possessions are covered in case of an accident during the move. Usually, moving companies offer at least two liability options:

  • Full Value Protection
  • Released Value Protection

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Should I Hire A Professional Mover?

Yes! Hiring professional movers can save you a lot of time and headache! At Sanelo, we are committed to providing exceptional moving experiences and services to our valued clients. If you need moving services, contact us today!

Can Sanelo Help Me Relocate To Other Cities In Texas?

Yes! Our clients have engaged our services for their relocations to various cities, including those in Texas. These cities include:


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