Moving/Relocating To Milwaukee: 7 Must-Avoid Mistakes To Minimise Challenges

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If someone says they do not enjoy living in Milwaukee, they’re probably doing it wrong. Moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, means you can expect low living expenses, a friendly community, and great city amenities. Doesn’t that sound enjoyable?

To ensure that your moving to Milwaukee, Wi, is enjoyable, you must avoid some mistakes. One of them is not finding the best place to live in Milwaukee before moving. This mistake will cost you additional moving expenses because you’ll have to stay in hotels or motels in the meantime.

Of course, there are other moving mistakes that you should avoid. To find out more, read this article and make your relocation process a stress-free one.

1. Do Not Ignore These Facts If You’re Moving To Milwaukee

Fun facts may seem trivial, but they can be your “living in Milwaukee ultimate guide”. These are three facts about Milwaukee that will help you to adapt to your new city.

German Heritage

Since the 19th century, German immigrants moved to start a new life in Milwaukee. Hundreds of years later, German culture is still celebrated here.

You can visit some old restaurants to experience traditional Bavarian and German food. Complete your German culture experience with a pint of beer. Get a pint of craft beer at the local breweries while enjoying conversation with your friends.

Say Cheese!

Besides German cuisine and beer, Milwaukee people love cheese. Many restaurants and shops provide great quality cheese for Milwaukee residents.

You can also try the cheese factory tour to learn about cheesemaking with the cheese masters. If you head downtown, you will find places with the best cheese-meat pairing.

Home To Music Lovers

Milwaukee is heaven for music lovers. There are tons of venues where you can find music gigs.

If you like underground artists, you can go to The Rave. For indie music fans, The Back Room @ Colectivo is the perfect place to go. There is also Riverside Theater, where you can watch shows from mainstream artists like Norah Jones.

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2. Do Not Delay Finding The Best Places To Live In Milwaukee Until The Last Minute

Moving before settling your housing arrangement is another mistake you want to avoid. Make sure to find the best place for you to live so you know where you have to go when arriving in Milwaukee.

Here are some of the best neighbourhoods in Milwaukee you can consider:

Historic Third Ward

This neighbourhood is a trendy side of Milwaukee. You can find all kinds of galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife housed in vintage warehouses. This vintage and artsy neighbourhood attracts young professionals who want urban-style housing.

Historic Third Ward is also perfect for raising a family due to its safety, friendly community and affordable housing costs. The median house price in this area is $129,250, and the average monthly rental price is $776.

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side offers waterfront views. You can see the Milwaukee River and Lake Michigan from here. This area is also walkable, which is excellent if you do not want to drive all the time to go around the neighbourhood.

This area is also known for the Victorian-style homes that are suitable for established professionals and retirees. There are also new condos and apartments being constructed in this area to allow more young professionals to reside.

The median home price in this area is $228,600, while the median rental cost is $1,203. Besides the affordable housing prices, this neighbourhood is also one of the safest areas in Milwaukee.


If you prefer to live in a cosy neighbourhood, then Northpoint is a neighbourhood you should consider. You will love walking on the sidewalks of the tree-lined streets.

In addition to the cosy outdoors, the housing options in this area vary from apartments and townhouses to spacious single-family houses and Victorian mansions. The median home price in this area is $257,962, and the median rental price is $960.

Northpoint is also one of the safest places in Milwaukee, making it a perfect place for retirees and families.

3. You Do Not Need To Spend Too Much In Milwaukee

For a big city, Milwaukee is relatively affordable. The overall living expenses in Milwaukee is 3% lower than the national average. The only thing that is more expensive than the national average is the utility bills.

Milwaukee is the most affordable city in Wisconsin. The average monthly cost of living in Milwaukee is $1,657.54, without housing costs.

With the low cost of living, you can save more money for future plans. Moreover, this city is a perfect place to retire because it has great neighbourhoods and is money-friendly.

4. Do Not Move Without A Career Plan

It is always best to get a job before moving to Milwaukee. This city has slowly picked up its employment rate after the pandemic hit. Employment has increased 14.22% between April 2020 and July 2021, with labour force growth of only 1.79%. Looking at this data, you can see that the economy of this city is promising.

Milwaukee is a manufacturing area with giant companies, such as Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee Tool, Rexnord, Briggs & Stratton, Johnson Controls, and Rockwell Automation. So, if you have a passion for engineering or building things, you are more likely to find a spot here.

Of course, there are many other opportunities in the Milwaukee job market other than manufacturing. Jobs such as nurses, caregivers, managers, and educators are also in high demand.

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5. You Will Regret Staying Indoors During The Winter

Milwaukee has four seasons, including the cold winters. If you are from a sunny city, you should try to enjoy the winter activities in Milwaukee.

Outdoor Dining

Enjoy outdoor dining when it is chilly outside! Many restaurants provide outside dining areas with fireplaces and tents to keep you warm.

This will be a new experience for you. By joining friends and family to dine outside during winters, you will learn how embracing the weather is part of the Milwaukee lifestyle.


Take yourself out for a hike on winter days. Find the beauty in icy beaches and trees at the hiking sites around Milwaukee.

You can go on an adventure among the pine trees at Lapham Peak, 25 miles away from Milwaukee. If you do not want to go far, try Havenwoods State Forest in the north part of the Milwaukee area.

Winter hiking is not only fun for adults. The local children are also enjoying the winter walk. So, if you’re moving to Milwaukee with children, put winter hike on your recreation bucket list.

Outdoor Ice Skating

You should try to go downtown Milwaukee to skate at Red Arrow Park. This place has the largest ice rink in Milwaukee.

If you do not have your own skating gear, you can rent it at the skate shop for an affordable price. This activity can be a tradition for you during the winter holidays.

Going alone is fine, but it will be more fun for you to skate with your friends or family. You can head to a nearby coffee shop to warm up and have a good time after skating.

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6. Rethink Spending Weekends Partying Instead Of Visiting The City Attractions

Why would you spend more on partying when you can spend less to destress? One of the best ways to enjoy living in Milwaukee is by visiting the city attractions. So, make sure to use your weekends to visit these places.

Milwaukee County Zoo

This is a family-friendly recreation site. Milwaukee County Zoo has more than 2,200 animals representing 330 species in its care.

You can plan your visit in advance by checking out the activities and facilities that the zoo provides. If you cannot squeeze all your itinerary in one day, you can visit again on another day. Milwaukee County Zoo is open all year round.

Milwaukee’s Lakefront

This city attraction is open for all the residents every day, 365 days. Going to Milwaukee’s Lakefront is not only fun in the summers. You can enjoy outdoor activities during all seasons, even autumn and winter.

Some of the outdoor activities you can do here are picnicking, going for a run at the Lakefront Marathon, attending kite festivals, and many more. This family-friendly recreation site is perfect for everyone of all ages.

Milwaukee Art Museum

Visiting a museum can be a fun way to spend your weekend. Milwaukee Art Museum exhibits art in various forms, such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, and decorative arts.

Once you pay the admission fee, you can enjoy all the exhibitions without an additional fee. You can check out their upcoming exhibitions, events and tickets info on their official website.

7. Avoid These Mistakes When You Are Moving To Milwaukee, WI

Move wisely by organising things that you need to do and bring. Here are three common mistakes that you can avoid when relocating to Milwaukee.

Not Making List And Notes

Making a list of things you need will help you be less stressed because you do not need to remember everything. This list also ensures that you do not miss any essential things before moving, such as important documents.

A note, especially about the precautions you need to take, is vital in ensuring a seamless moving process. This is because you’ll be able to minimise the obstacles during your moving preparation and trip.

Giving Short Notice About Your Arrival

Notify all the important contacts a couple of weeks before your move date. This will give them sufficient time to prepare the essential things before your arrival.

Giving short notice to your real estate agent, for example, will make it difficult for you to book an appointment, especially if your move date is during the peak time of people moving in, like April or May.

Trying To Carry Everything By Yourself

Do not force yourself to carry all your belongings with you on your trip. Making this mistake will make you spend more to pay for the over baggage.

Engage Sanelo to get your belongings delivered to Milwaukee. You can contact us for detailed information or to consult your relocation needs with us. Our team will pick up your packages and ship them to Milwaukee safely.

Conclusion About Moving To Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee offers affordability with big-city amenities. You can start your career here, settle down, and even spend your retirement days in this city.

This city has the safest neighbourhoods in Wisconsin, with affordable houses and rental prices. Finding good public facilities is also not difficult here. There are local restaurants, a Milwaukee county transit system to get you around, an art museum, parks, galleries, and many more.

So, if you notice the telltale signs that indicate you need a better city to live in and work in, you are always welcomed in Milwaukee.

The last thing you want on your move date is to pay more for over baggage and carry heavy luggage to your new home. That’s why you need to engage Sanelo to help you with your belonging shipment. We even have special protection for items like antiques and arts, electronics, and liquor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Milwaukee, WI

Is Milwaukee A Safe Place To Live?

The overall crime rate in Milwaukee is high, but there are safe areas in Milwaukee where you can live peacefully. So, when you are looking for a neighbourhood area to live in, you should also check the crime rate percentage.

Is Milwaukee A Family-Friendly City?

Milwaukee has amenities for family activities. Some of them are parks, a zoo, galleries, and many more. This city also has Milwaukee Public School District, the largest in Wisconsin, to ensure your children get the best education.

What Salary Do I Need To Live In Milwaukee, WI?

The median household income of a Milwaukee resident is $35,489 a year. If you are single, the salary you need to live in Milwaukee is $23,475.

How Far Ahead Should I Start My Quote With Sanelo?

Generally, you need to contact us two months before your move date. This gives us time for our team to arrange a time slot for your shipment. If you are from overseas, our team needs to make sure that we have all that paperwork in place.

If living in a city with a cold winter is your preference, you should also check out our other articles. Find more helpful information about moving to cities like New York or Portland on our guides page.


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