Moving/Relocating To Porto: 9 TOP TIER Truths That Will Get You Excited To Relocate

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Are you thinking of moving to Porto, Portugal? Then this article will be one of the most important things you’ll read before you begin to pack your bags.

We will share 9 top tier truths that will show you what living in Porto is like. You will find out about the major industries of the city, the public transportation options available, and the average cost of living in Porto, Portugal.

1. You’ll Get Excited To Find Out What It Is Like Living In Porto

Porto is a trendy city to live in. It has pleasant weather and people, making adjusting to this city easier.

We will share some of the basic facts about what it is like living in Porto to show you why this city is an excellent place to work and live.

The Lovely Weather

Porto experiences a Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and rainy winters. You will need to prepare a raincoat for rainy days between October and April.

The highest temperature in summer can reach 77°F (25°C), and the coldest temperature in the winter is around 43°F (6°C). The temperatures are considered friendly since there is no extreme heat or cold in Porto. It means you can enjoy being outdoors all year round.

Plenty Of Co-working Spaces

Porto is a dream place for digital nomads. It has plenty of co-working spaces and coffee shops for the nomads to work.

If you are a remote worker living in Porto, you will always be in the holiday mood since this city is a tourist destination.

The Green Areas

One of the indications that a city offers high quality of life is the availability of green spaces.

Porto has parks and gardens for the residents. Here, residents can balance their stress levels because the green areas are accessible. These green areas are important as places for people to relax, enjoy outdoor activities, and socialise.

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2. Porto Has The Neighbourhoods That Will Suit Your Needs

The neighbourhoods in Porto are safe and suitable for singles, families, students, and even senior citizens. These neighbourhoods have excellent amenities, and are walkable, so you can go around your area on foot.

No matter which neighbourhood in Porto you choose to live in, you will still be well-connected since the public transport here is good (more on this in Point 6!).

Below are some recommended areas to help you in your home search.


This residential area is the best pick if you want practicality. Ramalde is packed with amenities, such as restaurants, parks, grocery stores, shops, clinics, and a general hospital.

On top of that, the housing options in this area vary. You can find both pricey houses and apartments and affordable ones.

Lordelo do Ouro and Massarelos

Many locals live in this area since the average prices for houses are relatively affordable compared to other family areas like Foz do Douro (we’ll get to this neighbourhood in just a minute!). Besides, this neighbourhood sits near the historic centre, giving easy access to the world heritage site in Porto.

Foz do Douro

If you want easy access to the beach, then Foz do Douro is a good choice. This coastal neighbourhood (pictured above) offers views of the Atlantic and Felgueiras lighthouse.

Foz do Douro is only 20 minutes away from the city centre and is a perfect family area. It offers a playground by the beach and excellent schools for your children.

3. The Cost Of Living In Porto Is Affordable

Compared to other cities in European countries, the cost of living in Porto, Portugal, is relatively lower.

The estimated monthly living expense for a family of four is €2,761 (USD 2,933.70), while for a single person is €1,335 (USD 1,418.50). The above estimation numbers include the average monthly rent between €630 (USD 668.4) and €1,000 (USD 1,061).

If you want to cut expenses and save more money in Porto, you may follow these tips:

  • Share an apartment with your friend or colleague.
  • Get a Porto transport card to access all public
  • transportation for €40 (42.5 USD) per month.
  • Find cheap grocery stores by asking for recommendations from your local friends and colleagues.

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4. Porto Is A City Of Opportunities; Find Job Opportunities In The Local’s Biggest Industries

Porto plays a significant role in Portugal’s economy. This city is a conducive place for various industries to grow. Therefore, it is not surprising for people to come to Porto for more job opportunities.

You can try to advance your career in the following major industries in Porto:

  • wine production,
  • tourism,
  • textile,
  • IT and communication (ICT),
  • mobility, and
  • maritime economy.

Of course, there are more industries you can look into while job hunting in Porto. It is better not to limit your options and look for more opportunities in other smaller sectors. However, make sure you apply for a job that matches your skill and expertise.

It will be best if you also learn about the average salary in Porto. This way, you will know the benchmark while negotiating with your future employer.

The average yearly salary in Port is €27,990 (29,740 USD). You can negotiate your salary using this benchmark.

5. Porto Has Top Institutes That Provide Higher Education With Various Programs

If you plan to pursue higher education, you will find many top universities and colleges in Porto that offer various programs.

Below are some of the top local universities and colleges for your reference:

  • The University of Porto,
  • Polytechnic Institute of Porto,
  • Fernando Pessoa University,
  • Infante D. Henrique Portucalense University, and
  • Nursing School of Porto.

6. The Best Way To Explore Porto Is By Taking Public Transportation Or On Foot

Not having a car in Porto is not a big problem for your daily commute. This city has an excellent public transportation system that will help you go around.

Many people prefer to take the metro or bus to commute around Porto. Walking is the best way to go around the area when you are in the city centre.

Besides metro and buses, you will also find other means of transportation, such as rabelos boats, trains, funicular, and trams.

7. Porto Offers Many Attractions For You To Enjoy

Porto is a beautiful city where you will find many exciting places to visit.

In addition, its location in the coastal area makes Porto blessed with beaches. We will recommend some attractions in the city and, of course, beaches to visit.

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Top City Attractions In Porto

Porto is known for its scenery and beautiful architecture. Therefore, you should visit and witness the grand structures yourself.

Below are some city attractions to visit when you are living in Porto:

  • Clérigos Tower,
  • Palácio da Bolsa,
  • Igreja de São Francisco,
  • Cais da Ribeira (pictured above), and
  • Ponte Dom Luís I.

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Beautiful Beaches In Porto

If you prefer to be near the water and enjoy the sea views, these are some beaches to visit in Porto:

  • Praia dos Ingleses,
  • Praia da Aguda (pictured above),
  • Praia do Molhe, and
  • Praia do Homem do Leme.

In addition to the above city attractions and beaches, you can also try to visit Douro River. You can book a Douro River tour to enjoy sightseeing while cruising through the river.

8. Eat Like A Local In Porto, Portugal

Port wine is not the only thing you should try in Porto. This city offers various types of dishes that you can enjoy. Many of them will match your taste, no matter where you come from.

As a guide to exploring the food scene in Porto, you can start with the following dishes:

  • Francesinha (Porto sandwich),
  • Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá (codfish casserole)
  • Porto’s traditional Pork stew (pictured above),
  • Alheira sausages, and
  • Broa de Avintes.

A tour of Vila Nova de Gaia will be a great idea for wine lovers. You will learn more about the wine industry in Porto, and the best part is you can taste the best local wine!

9. Your Relocation Will Be A Lot Easier If You Engage A Moving Company

Before you pack your things, contact a trusted moving company, like Sanelo. The team in Sanelo will ship your belongings to Porto, so you won’t have to deal with heavy luggage.

Our team is ready to make your relocation less stressful, whether you are moving locally or internationally. We will guide you through the process, and manage the process for you, including the paperwork and clearance.

Conclusion On Moving To Porto

Moving to Porto can be your best decision whether you’re planning to work for a local company or as a digital nomad. This city has plenty of job opportunities in various industries.

In addition, Porto offers safe neighbourhoods, relatively low living expenses, an excellent public transport system, good food, and plenty of city attractions to save you from stress.

If you want a less stressful moving process to Porto, you can engage Sanelo to ship your belongings. This way, you won’t have to deal with heavy luggage, making your moving trip more practical.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Porto

Is Porto A Good Place To Live?

Porto is a wonderful city to live in. This city has good infrastructure and is a tourist destination.

This beautiful city is also an important industrial site for the country. Therefore, moving to Porto may be a good idea to find better opportunities.

Is Porto A Friendly Place For Expats?

The locals of Porto are known to be easygoing and friendly. That’s why many expats find it comfortable to live in this city.

Besides that, this city offers cultural and natural attractions, making living in Porto far from boring.

Is Porto A Safe City?

Porto is generally a safe city. The violent crime rate is low, and the most common crime is pickpocketing.

Therefore, if you happen to be in the city centre area, please keep your belongings safe while walking on the road.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo If I Move From Overseas?

Ideally, you need to contact us three months before your moving trip. This will give our team enough time to schedule your shipment and adjust the process to ensure it meets your needs.


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