Moving/Relocating To York: 10 Critical Things To Do

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If you’re thinking of moving to York, United Kingdom (UK), one thing you must know is that you are heading to a historic city with a great community and many things to admire.

This article let you in on 10 critical things to prepare you before living in York. We will start with the basic facts to provide you with an idea of life in York. You will then find our recommendations for the best places to live in York, ultimate tips to survive the cost of living in York, the job market, and many more.

1. Find Out More About York

Don’t underestimate the power of fun facts. This bite-sized information may not seem like much, but it can give you a glimpse of what to expect. Here are three basic facts about York that you need to know before moving to the city.

The Weather In York Is Not Gloomy

York experiences an oceanic climate that gives it rainy winters and summers. The frequent rain may cause the city to seem gloomy. However, this climate makes winters and summers in York pretty mild, so you’ll be able to do outdoor activities all year round.

The temperatures in York rarely rise above 78°F (25.5°C) or dip below 26°F (-3.3°C). In addition, York only experiences around 10 days of snowfall. It means the weather in York is pretty friendly.

The Traffic

In general, driving in York is pretty comfortable. You only need to pay attention to the rush hours during weekdays between 8 am and 10 am and 4 pm and 7 pm. The roads are congested around these peak periods.

The parking cost can be high. If you are in the York city centre during the day, you can park your car outside the area then walk or take a bus to the city centre. It is easier to take public transport or walk since many streets are pedestrian-friendly or only for buses/taxis.

York Is A Haunted City

York is named the most haunted place in Europe. It is famous for the ancient buildings that were built around the 12th and 13th centuries.

You will find many ghost tours in York. If you are curious about the haunted part of York, you can join some of these ghosts tours:

  • Shadows of York,
  • The Ghost Bus Tours,
  • Dorian Deathly’s Deathly Dark Ghost Tour of York, and
  • The Bloody Tour of York.

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2. Secure A Home In The Best Places To Live In York

There are neighbourhoods in York that offer more than housing. The following areas we recommend have excellent amenities and are perfect for singles and families.

City Of York

Living in the City of York will give you the historical vibe. This area has museums and cathedrals with great architecture. Besides that, there are also pubs, restaurants, and shops lining both sides of the streets.

In addition, the housing options in this area are diverse. You will find apartments, semi-detached houses, and terraced properties around the area. Single young professionals and families will find the property type they need in this neighbourhood.


Acomb is a large neighbourhood with a busy high street, supermarkets, and good schools. There are also parks, shops, a library, and family-friendly cafes that make this area a lovely place to visit and live in.

This suburb has plenty of options for accommodations. There are apartments and houses with prices ranging from £130,000 to £1.3million. You are more likely to find a place within your budget in Acomb.

Bishopthorpe Road

Bishopthorpe Road is a suburb packed with shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and even butcher shops. On top of the amenities, this area is walkable. You will enjoy running errands around the neighbourhood on foot.

Bishopthorpe Road is a favourite place for younger residents with excellent amenities and walkability. You may miss decent properties for rent or sale if you do not act quickly. The demand for properties in this area is among the highest.

3. Find Out The Housing Prices Before Moving To York

The next thing to learn about York is its housing prices. It is important for you to know the average house prices or rent to be prepared when it comes the time to secure your home.

The average house price in York is £306,740, and the average monthly rent is £1,014. However, if you live outside the city centre, you may find apartments with a monthly rent below £1,000.

4. Learn About The Cost Of Living In York

York may not be the most affordable city in the UK, but it doesn’t mean you cannot afford to live here. There are ways to save money while still having a decent lifestyle.

Without rent, the estimated monthly expense for a family of four is £2,461, and for a single person is £706. However, you can follow these tips to save money on your monthly costs:

  • stop the unnecessary subscriptions;
  • find free or budget-friendly places for recreation;
  • find affordable stores to shop at (shopping at independent stores can be more expensive); and
  • live outside the city centre for lower rent or house prices.

5. Find The Opportunities In York Whether You Are A Job Seeker Or A Business Owner

The key sectors in York are tourism and hospitality, biotechnology, digital, creative and IT, Rail, and financial services. With diversity in the industry sectors, you have more chances to find a job in York.

To secure a job faster, you have to start your job hunting before moving to York. You can also take a leap of faith and move before having a job as long as you have the financial security to afford your cost of living.

In addition, York is also a good place to start independent businesses. Business experts at Bionic revealed that York is the second-best place to start an independent business in the UK because rental prices for offices and shops are relatively low. Therefore, if you have the plan and the budget, you can come to York to build your own business.

6. Browse The Schools For Your Little Ones Before Moving To York

York has a catchment area policy, which means schools will prioritise the children within their catchment area. Usually, the radius of the catchment area is one or two miles from your postcode.

If your children need to transfer to a school in York, you need to browse the schools within the catchment area. Therefore, it is crucial to secure your home, so that your search for schools will be easier.

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7. Make A Bucket List Of Places To Visit When You Live In York

It is no secret that York is a historic city with iconic buildings. Besides that, York also has excellent museums and art scenes where you can learn more about the history and culture in York.

These are the places that should be on your must-visit bucket list:

  • York Castle Museum;
  • The Grand Opera House;
  • York Theatre Royal;
  • City Walls;
  • York Minster; and
  • JORVIK Viking Centre.

8. Enjoying The Festivities And Events Is A Must

York is a small city with a big spirit. Spare some time to enjoy the festive events, so you can learn more about the local culture.

Here are some recommended events that you can enjoy in York:

  • York Christmas Market;
  • Dark Skies Festival;
  • York Ice Trail;
  • York Residents Festival; and
  • That JORVIK Viking Thing.

9. This Is How You Get Around The City

As mentioned above, public transport can be a better option to go around the city. In York, you will find buses, trains, and taxis.

It is advisable to leave your home early so you can arrive on time at your destination, especially during the rush hour. Even if you take a taxi, you will still be subjected to congested roads.

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10. Taste The Iconic Local Food In York

This article won’t be complete without the recommended local dishes in York. It is crucial to get your taste buds familiar with the local delicacies, so you can adapt to York easier.

Here are some of the iconic local foods in York:

  • Yorkshire Curd Tart;
  • Yorkshire Pudding;
  • Wensleydale Cheese; and
  • Parkin.

The above foods are friendly to everyone’s taste buds, including people from overseas. As you meet more locals, you can ask them for more recommendations and try other local dishes.

Conclusion About Moving To York

You will find that York is a small city packed with diverse job and business opportunities, excellent areas to live in, and iconic places to visit.

York is also a place with good food and fun events. With many things you can do throughout the year, living in York will never feel dull.

Before you head to York, it is important to find out the average housing prices and monthly living expenses. It will be easier for you to prepare a post-moving budget with this information.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To York

Is York A Nice Place To Live?

Sunday Times voted York as the best place to live in 2018. This area has excellent amenities, historical sites, and top-rated schools.

Is York, UK, A Safe Place To Live?

York ranked as 54th most dangerous city in North Yorkshire with a crime rate of 60 crimes per 1,000 people. However, there are excellent neighbourhoods across the city.

To avoid being a crime victim, residents are advised not to wander the streets late at night.

How Much Should I Earn To Live In York?

The average yearly salary in York is £65,000. Considering the estimated monthly cost in York is between £700 to £2,300, this annual earning can afford you a decent lifestyle.

Can I Engage Sanelo To Ship My belongings To York From Overseas?

Yes, you can! Sanelo has expertise and experience in assisting people to make their international relocation seamless. Our team will guide you through the shipping process, including the paperwork and clearance.

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