Moving/Relocating To Jacksonville: 11 Eye-Opening Facts

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Located in northeast Florida, Jacksonville is a picturesque city with a meandering St John’s River, multiple beaches and abundant sunshine. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

If you’re thinking that these are reasons why people relocate to Jacksonville, FL, then you’re not wrong, …. but there’s definitely more to it.

Relocating to Jacksonville, FL offers promising career opportunities, tons of festivals and celebrations, a family-friendly environment for your children ….. as well as the best part: its affordable cost of living!

If you’ve not considered moving to Jacksonville FL, we bet you’re considering it now, aren’t you?

In that case, here are some eye-opening facts about Jacksonville that you may not know before. These will give you an idea about what to expect when you’re living in Jacksonville and how to make your relocating process less stressful.

1. Top Reasons To Relocate To Jacksonville, FL

OK, so we’ve mentioned some reasons why people are moving to Jacksonville, FL. We’ll be exploring many other reasons throughout this article, but first, here are some top reasons why relocating to Jacksonville, FL, is something you might want to consider.


Diversity creates a dynamic society that is more welcoming. As the population in Jacksonville is growing into 929,647 people in 2020, the people have become more diverse. This means whether you are from another state or country, you can expect to settle into Jacksonville easily.

By living in a diverse community, you can learn about other cultures, and you might just be surprised at how many good things you’ve missed out on!

Healthy Job Market

Moving to Jacksonville can be a breakthrough for fresh graduates or young professionals.

Jacksonville is one of the best places to find a job due to its expansion. The strong and diverse industries make the job market in Jacksonville one full of opportunities! Be sure to work out your career plans before you relocate!

Beach Haven

White Sandy beaches are the main attraction in Jacksonville, Florida. One of the main tourist destinations is Jacksonville Beach in Duval County, Florida. It is a beautiful beach that is perfect for visiting during summer and spring. This beach is also an ideal place to relax and enjoy your day-offs. You can find bars and restaurants alongside the beach.

Of course, there are also other beaches that you can visit with friends and family, such as Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach where you can bask in the scenic sunset and sunrise or catch some waves!

2. Find The Right Neighbourhood Before Moving To Jacksonville

It would be best if you find the right neighbourhood to enjoy living in Jacksonville.

In terms of the crime rates, the southside is one of the safest areas. It is because the development in this area has been massive. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you can always choose your residential area. It does not have to be a pricey neighbourhood. You can find a safe living area in Jacksonville at an affordable price.

Of course, there are other friendly neighbourhoods around the different parts of the city such as downtown Jax, Brentwood, San Marco, Highlands, and many more. Real estate companies usually recommend these areas due to the safety factor and the nearby facilities, such as parks and shops.

You can pick the location that suits your lifestyle and budget. So, it is crucial to search for your living place before moving to Jacksonville.

Ask your local friends or employers about the recommended real estate areas. Then you have a reference, and you can directly contact a local real estate agent to help you with the housing situation before you arrive.

3. Promising Land For Those In The Job Market And The Business Builder

In the past decade, job opportunities in Jacksonville have been increasing by 12.9%. This shows that even during the pandemic, Jacksonville managed to keep its unemployment from growing significantly. If you are looking for a career opportunity and a balanced lifestyle, then Jacksonville has the answer.

Moreover, as the economy is starting to move again, Jacksonville can be the right place for your business. Some of the business sectors that may earn you a fortune in this city are hospitality, culinary, information and technology, and retail.

You can apply for a job before moving to Jacksonville, or you can just come to this city and build your business. As long as you have a plan on how you will earn your living, relocating to Jacksonville, FL, is a good decision. The low cost of living is also another factor that will help you settle yourself financially.

4. Enjoy An Affordable Cost Of Living In Jacksonville

Overall, the cost of living in Jacksonville, FL, is lower than the national average. For example, the housing expenses are 11% lower than the national average. If you plan to buy a house, the median price for a house is $309,524. On the other hand, the average rent for an apartment is $969.60 per month.

Utility expenses such as electricity and phone bills are 8% lower than the average areas across the states. Looking at this low cost of living in Jacksonville, you will have the chance to spend less and save for the future!

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5. Jacksonville A Family-Friendly City

60% of the households in Jacksonville have children, especially in downtown Jacksonville. This data shows that Jacksonville, FL is family-friendly. It takes expenses to raise children, but lucky for you, the cost of living in Jacksonville is relatively low! The medical costs are also lower than the national average.

If you are relocating to Jacksonville with your children, you can rest assured that they will have places to visit, such as parks, beaches, and zoos. You can also take your children to Riverside Arts Market, where they can gather with the community to support local businesses. Communal events and areas are the best places for your children to learn about socialising with their community.

6. Get The Right Education For Your Children

Jacksonville has the education facilities that your children need. You can decide whether you want education service from public education or private education. Contact the local education advisor or school officials to get more information about student transfer.

If your children need to transfer to college, you can visit the official website to see the information. For example, Florida State College has a guide for students who wish to move to their college. Basically, it is very convenient nowadays since you only need to browse to get all the information you need.

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7. Soak In The Ray Of Sun

You will get used to the beach life once you move to Jacksonville. Local people will come to the beach to do leisure activities like sunbathing, surfing, or hanging out with friends at nearby restaurants and bars.

It only takes a short drive from downtown Jacksonville to reach the beaches. The facilities such as shower area, dining area, and car parks are easy to find.

If you’re planning to relocate to Jacksonville FL with your pup, here’s some good news! Most beaches here are dog-friendly so you’ll be able to bring your dogs along, as long as it’s not the peak season. But remember to keep them leashed!

8. A City For Outdoor Enthusiasts

A city with plenty of options for outdoor activities, like Jacksonville, is a healthy place to live as it encourages a balanced lifestyle. Here, you will never get bored since there are outdoor activities you can do.

Jacksonville has the largest urban park system nationwide. You can choose among more than 450 urban parks, seven state parks, two national parks with many attractions such as gardens, playgrounds, beaches, and wide areas for your dog to run around.

For those who like to be near the water, you can enjoy fishing, kayaking, or join the surfing lesson at Jacksonville Beach. Remember to take safety measures if you want to bring your children to the beach activities!

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9. All The Festivals And Celebrations In Jacksonville, FL

Speaking about never getting bored in Jacksonville, FL, there are plenty of festivals and fairs in this city. Some of them are the annual fall festival at Orange Park, pumpkin festivals, and yearly Spooktacular at Jacksonville Zoo.

Of course, there are other festivals besides the fall festivals, such as the annual tomato festival and summer festival. These events are also a place for you to make friends and get to know the local community better, perfect to help you settle in!

10. Get Your Taste Buds On The Local Food

The Jacksonville food scene is something you’d want to get involved in. This city is a place to challenge your taste buds, especially if you are an expatriate.

we bet you’ve never thought of having fried chicken with waffles. Yes, it exists, and in Jacksonville, you can try it! Some restaurants even will add a scoop of ice cream to your waffles! Having your main dish and dessert on one plate can be confusing, but it is worth trying!

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You also do not want to miss the iconic local dessert like the squawking goat, which is fried chicken breast and fried goat cheese served with tangy biscuits and jalapeno-spiked jelly. You can also find dishes originating from different cultures like Asia and South America.

11. Other Things To Know To Get You A Better Experience Relocating To Jacksonville, FL

You May Want To Consider Having A Car

Jacksonville is not a very walkable area. You can enjoy walking in the parks or beaches, but not so much in the neighbourhood. The characteristic of the area makes it difficult to get anywhere by walking or biking.

If a car is not on the plan, you need to make yourself familiar with public transport. You can find bus services, skyways, and ferries to help you get around.

Keep A Note To Help The Process Of Moving To Jacksonville

Having a note in hand is the best way to make your relocating process a seamless one. Take notes on everything you need, such as documents, real estate contacts, school contacts, and moving expenses, as well as precautions to keep in mind.

Keeping track of these things will make the moving process more organized, so you do not miss anything important.

Find A Professional Mover

You do not have to sell your furniture and belongings in a panic when you want to move to Jacksonville. While packing less is highly recommended, you can still bring the things you treasure using a professional mover service.

They will help to pick and deliver your package, so your moving process is less stressful. Sanelo is a professional mover with decades of experience. With professional help, you won’t have to bring much luggage on your flight. Contact Sanelo today!

Conclusion About Moving To Jacksonville

Moving to Jacksonville, FL, is a good decision for both singles and parents. The job opportunities are growing as a sign of healthy economic conditions in this city. This is also a good opportunity for you to open your own business, as the average people here have the purchasing power.

Remember, finding a good neighbourhood is an important part of your relocation process. If you choose a safe neighbourhood complete with recreation facilities, Jacksonville can be a good place for young parents to raise their children.

Lastly, do not insist on relocating to Jacksonville, FL without help. Engaging a relocation company will help you avoid these 10 mistakes and can help you deliver your shipment safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Jacksonville, FL

Is Jacksonville A Good Place To Move?

Jacksonville is one of the best areas to live in Florida. It has a suburban vibe with diverse people and cultures. This city is also a place where young professionals and young parents can live comfortably. It has a low cost of living and plenty of options for leisure activities.

What Is The Minimum Salary To Live Comfortably In Jacksonville, FL?

With an annual income of $37,880, you can live comfortably in Jacksonville. On average, people in Jacksonville make around $66,000 in annual income.

Where Are The Most Affordable Neighbourhoods?

If you are looking for a rental price of around $950 to $1,200 a month, then you may want to check out Southpoint, Craven, and Hillcrest areas. For the mid-range rental price of about $1,150 to $1,400, you can check San Marco, Avondale, and Duclay areas.

Do I Need A Professional Mover?

Whether you are moving alone or with a family, getting help from a professional moving company can make a huge difference. All you’ll have to do is pack all the necessary stuff, then call the company to deliver the packages to your new home. This is also helpful if you are moving internationally.


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