Moving/Relocating To Newcastle: 6 Greatest Pieces Of Advice

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Newcastle upon Tyne (known as Newcastle) is a metropolitan located in the northeast of England. It is famous for its industrial heritage, distinctive Geordie accent, and fun nightlife.

Whether you are moving to Newcastle to work or study, these 6 greatest pieces of advice will help you prepare for your relocation to this city. First, we will give you a general idea about what it is like living in Newcastle. If you’re wondering where to live in Newcastle, you need not be worried because we will recommend the best places to live in Newcastle.

After which, you will also learn more about the job opportunities, cost of living, and the must-visit places in Newcastle.

1. Find Out More About What It Is Like Living In Newcastle

Newcastle is a university city with excellent amenities, from public services to recreational spots. It is a place where you enjoy city life but still has a strong sense of community.

To know more about how it is like living in Newcastle, you can start with the following facts.

Get Used To The Weather In Newcastle

Newcastle has an oceanic climate. The winters are pretty cold here, with temperatures ranging from 46.4°F (8°C) to 42.8°F (6°C). The snowfall usually only lasts for 14 days during the cold season.

However, summers in Newcastle are mild, with the highest temperature reaching 68°F (20°C). The summers occur from June to August, and this is also the best season to visit Newcastle upon Tyne.

Great Universities

Newcastle is home to two prestigious universities, Newcastle University and Northumbria University. These universities provide excellent education and are among the top 100 national universities.

Newcastle is not only an excellent place for local students but also for international students. There are many student accommodations with affordable rent. To save money on accommodation, students can share a room with their friends.

Best Food Scene

Newcastle has a vibrant food scene with iconic local dishes and excellent alcoholic beverages. Here are some of the must-try local dishes in Newcastle that you need to know:

  • pan haggerty,
  • singin’ hinnies,
  • stotty or Geordie loaf, and
  • Craster kippers.

The vibrant nightlife in this city means it is easy to find places to drink and relax with your friends or colleagues.

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2. Prioritise Safety When Searching For The Best Places To Live In Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne may not be the safest place to live in the UK. However, there are safe parts of Newcastle that offer excellent neighbourhoods for students, young professionals, and families.

To make your research easier, you can refer to the following list of safe neighbourhoods in Newcastle:

  • Jesmond,
  • Gosforth,
  • Quayside,
  • Fenham, and
  • Heaton.

The above areas are considered the safest in Newcastle. There are also many attractions in these areas, such as parks, museums, and playgrounds. These areas also have excellent amenities like public transport transits, restaurants, shops, and bars.

If you’re moving to Newcastle with schooling age children, you need to search for schools in closer proximity to your residential area. Newcastle has a catchment area policy which means children within the catchment area will be prioritised.

3. Get Along With The Cost Of Living In Newcastle

When it comes to property prices, Newcastle is one of the most affordable areas in the UK. The average house price is £236,132, and the average rental cost is £418. The latter is among the lowest in the UK.

The estimated monthly costs for a family of four and a single person in Newcastle are £2,155 and £618, respectively. You can cut your cost of living by finding cheaper options for groceries or shopping.

Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations for best value stores or affordable restaurants from your local friends.

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4. Get The Money! Job Market And Business Opportunities In Newcastle

The most significant industry in Newcastle is the financial & insurance services industry. Aside from that, the growing industries in Newcastle include manufacturing, construction, health care & social assistance, and retail industries.

If you have expertise in these industries, Newcastle will be a great place to advance your career. However, even if you specialise in other sectors, there is still an opportunity in Newcastle.

For your information, the average salary in Newcastle upon Tyne is around £35,500 yearly. You can use this number as your benchmark when looking for a job in Newcastle.

On the other hand, if you are not in the job market, Newcastle provides a conducive environment to build and nurture your business, as well as a market made up of residents and students.

5. Fulfil Your Bucket List By Visiting These Places In Newcastle

It is no exaggeration to say that Newcastle is considered a wonderful city to live in. It has excellent places to visit during weekends or your days off. You will find amazing structures and buildings, open green spaces, and beaches. Once you arrive and settle in Newcastle, take some time to make a bucket list of must-visit places.

Iconic Landmarks

Here are some places that you’d want to explore in Newcastle:

  • Newcastle city centre;
  • Tyne Bridges;
  • Millennium Bridge;Historic Quayside District; and
  • Newcastle’s Castle.

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Parks And Green Spaces

If you prefer hanging out at open green spaces, these are the places that you should visit:

  • Gosforth Central Park;
  • Heaton Park;
  • Ouseburn Farm, Newcastle Upon Tyne; and
  • Town Moor.

The Best Beaches

Lastly, because Newcastle is located near the coastline, you should visit the beaches too:

  • Tynemouth Longsands;
  • King Edward’s Bay;
  • Seaburn Beach; and
  • Sandhaven Beach.

On top of the above places, Newcastle also has art galleries and museums where you can see amazing displays of artworks and history.

6. Make Your Relocation Stress Free By Engaging A Professional Mover

You do not want to carry heavy luggage on your moving trip as it can cause over baggage. To avoid this problem and have a more comfortable trip, you can engage Sanelo to ship your belongings to Newcastle.

You only need to visit our official website and start your quote. Our team is ready to adjust the relocation process to fit your needs. Whether you intend to move locally or internationally, engaging Sanelo is a great way to lessen your burden.

Conclusion About Moving To Newcastle

Living in Newcastle can positively affect your quality of life. This city is packed with education and economic opportunities, and places to visit when you need to destress. Here, you can easily balance between nature and city life to avoid severe stress.

Newcastle has safe neighbourhoods with excellent restaurants, parks, bars, and playgrounds. Some schools and universities provide excellent education.

Another great thing about Newcastle is the reasonable cost of living and the housing costs. You can save more money if you find cheaper places to buy your groceries or necessitates.

Our last piece of advice for you is to engage Sanelo, so you won’t have to carry your luggage during the trip to Newcastle. Our team is ready to ship your belongings to Newcastle, whether you are moving locally or internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving To Newcastle

Is Newcastle A Good Place To Live?

Newcastle is an excellent place to live and work. It has excellent amenities and beautiful beaches to visit.

Is Newcastle A Good Place For Expats?

Yes, Newcastle is an excellent and exciting place for expats. The people are generally friendly and welcoming. Besides, there are InterNations Groups that you can join to help you adapt to Newcastle.

Is There A Posh Part Of Newcastle?

Yes, there are posh areas in Newcastle where the house prices can reach over £1 million. Some of the areas are Elmfield Park, Graham Park Road, and Westfield Drive.

How Far Ahead Should I Contact Sanelo Before Moving To Newcastle?

It will be best to contact Sanelo two or three months before your moving date. This way, our team can schedule a slot for you and prepare the essentials before shipping your belongings to Newcastle.

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