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Moving/Relocating To San Diego: 6 Most Valuable Secrets

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San Diego is one of the biggest cities in southern California (and California in general) and is suitable for home or business relocation. Moving to San Diego is the right decision if you are looking for a fun yet nice place to work. The lovely weather makes living in San Diego even more fun because you can do outdoor activities all year long!

Moving to San Diego, California, can also be the right decision for you financially. The cost of living is still lower when compared to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City.

Here are some things to know before moving to San Diego!

1. Top Benefits Of Living In San Diego

Before moving to San Diego, there are a few things that you want to know about what is it like to live there. Let me share with you some of the top benefits of living in San Diego.

The Weather Is Nice

This is the first thing that you have to know. You will find the best weather in San Diego. It is sunny and warm almost all year round, so you’ll be able to go outdoors all year round, even in the winter where only mild cold and rain are expected!

Live By The Water

San Diego’s beaches are gorgeous. You will find that the community at San Diego gather at the beach to sunbathe, surf, or play around in the water. Some of the beaches, like Coronado Beach and Windansea Beach, are also within walkable distance from residential areas, so you can pick these areas if you want to live somewhere near the beach.

The Economy Is Growing

In 2019, San Diego increased its employment growth incredibly. The median household income by 2019 was $79,673. On the other hand, the median income for individuals by 2019 was $36,609.

The key industries in this city are defence, technology, life science, and agriculture (Did you know San Diego is a top producer of avocados and nursery plants?). So, if you are interested in pursuing new opportunities, then you can consider moving to San Diego!

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2. Your Neighbourhood And Activities You Take Part In Can Affect The Cost Of Living

Even though the overall cost of living in San Diego is 44% higher than the national average, this city is not out of reach. You can pick the right areas that have a lower rental price.

The average rental price for an apartment in San Diego is $2,238. If you want to live in North City or La Jolla Shores areas, the median rental price can reach $3,500 per month. So it is crucial to pick the right neighbourhood that suits your need. Take the time to learn about the areas before deciding to own a home.

Having fun in the nightlife may seem appealing, but it is better to restrain yourself from parties during the first few months in the city to save as much as you can until you are settled financially. Besides, San Diego offers a lot of outdoor activities as affordable alternatives to spend your free time.

3. Job And Business Opportunities When You’re Living In San Diego

For you who are in the job market, San Diego offers opportunities in various industries. The United States Navy and technology company Qualcomm are the top employers in the counties. For your information, Qualcomm produces services related to wireless technology like software. Young professionals interested to pursue a career in the technology industry can consider moving to San Diego.

San Diego is also a place to build your business. With the growing economy in the San Diego area, more people will come, which means more opportunities for your business.

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4. Best Things To Do In San Diego

You will never get bored if you are living in San Diego. Beyond the nightlife, San Diego also has diverse options for recreational activities. One of them is joining the beach life. You must try to go to the beach and destress by surfing, sunbathing, or sightseeing.

Going to the San Diego zoo can give you a memorable experience. San Diego Zoo at Balboa Park houses over 12,000 animals. If you are an animal lover, visiting the zoo is highly recommended! If you’re a history buff, San Diego has a variety of museums, such as the San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Air & Space Museum, and USS Midway Museum.

Besides that, you can look forward to annual events such as San Diego Comic-Con and music festivals. You can find more information about festivals or local events from many sources on the internet. By joining local events, you will get to know the community better while making new friends!

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5. Best Places To Feed Yourself

San Diego does not play with their food. There are tons of local iconic restaurants in San Diego that you can add to your food bucket list. As long as you keep an open mind, you’ll be able to appreciate the diverse selection of food from the diverse communities in San Diego.

You can find Asian, Mexican, European, and Hawaiian cuisines in San Diego. One of the food places you must visit is Homestay Hawaiian Restaurant, which serves you great food at an affordable price. For $7, you can have a nice Hawaiian lunch complete with rice.

Of course, you need to try some Mexican dishes at Lourdes. With only $7.29, you can enjoy a bowl of chicken soup. This restaurant serves a family recipe soup, and that is what makes them iconic.

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6. Quick Guides To Moving To San Diego California

Here are some quick guides to moving to San Diego. You can apply these tips to make your moving process less stressful.

Move During Winter Time

As San Diego is a vacation destination, you may have difficulty booking a flight or driving to San Diego in the summer. Pick winter time to move because, during this time, the traffic to San Diego is not too packed.

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PRONTO Card is a card you can use for public transportation. Even though you are planning on getting a car, having this card is still essential. You will never know when it may come in handy.

Pick Your Living Area

There are some recommended neighbourhoods in San Diego. You can find information by getting references from your local acquaintances or the internet. For newcomers, it is better to pick an area that is near to your workplace. Once you get to know about the San Diego area, you can move to a different neighbourhood.

Hire A Professional To Help You

You do not have to do it yourself. Hire a professional mover to help you with all your things before moving. For example, if you want to get help from Sanelo, you can contact us two months beforehand. By getting help from a professional, you can move to your new home with less luggage and stress.

Conclusion About Moving To San Diego

It is important to find out what it is like living in San Diego before moving there. As different cities offer different lifestyles and atmospheres, you must know how to adjust to the new culture and community.

San Diego is a city with vibrant diversity. You will not get bored because there are places you can go during vacation. You do not even have to worry about the weather, as it is mostly warm and sunny all year.

San Diego job market also has everything for everyone. Even though the defence sector like US Navy is one of the biggest employers in San Diego, you can still find opportunities in other sectors such as technology, science, and agriculture.

It is essential for you not to carry all your things alone. Make your trip while moving easier by hiring a professional mover company. You have to let them send your packages to your new home. Adjust your delivery query by contacting them two months before moving. If you are relocating from overseas, getting help from a moving company is highly recommended.

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Frequently Asked Question About Moving To San Diego

To give you more insight about moving and living in San Diego, here are some frequently asked questions that you can check.

Is It Worth Moving To San Diego?

If you are looking for a city with a growing economy and prospect for your new business, then San Diego should be on your consideration. The opportunities for you professionals and young entrepreneurs are limitless. Even though it may take a while, economic opportunity does exist.

The attractions in the city enable you to do many things during vacation. You do not have to leave the city to enjoy summer. On top of that, the culinary and nightlife scene is something you would like to try.

How Much Salary Do I Need To Live In San Diego?

Considering the cost of living in San Diego, you need an annual income of $37,000 to $ 45,000 to live comfortably in this city. You who have a lower yearly income can still live comfortably in San Diego by adjusting your lifestyle. Moreover, San Diego has a good public transportation system, so you might not have to buy a car.

Is San Diego Walkable?

San Diego is still comfortable for people to walk around. You can pick an apartment or a house in a walkable neighbourhood. The information about walkable neighbourhoods in San Diego is all around the internet, so you can just quickly check it out before moving. You can also ask your real estate agent for detailed information about the area.

If you live in Downtown San Diego or North Park, you can pretty much go anywhere car-free. These areas are easy to navigate. So, if your working place is in these areas, it will be a cost-saving move to live in the same neighbourhood.

How Do I Get Help For My Relocation To San Diego?

Contact your moving company to discuss the moving process. You can adjust your time with them so they can pick up and deliver your package safely and on time.

It is also important to contact your employer and real estate agent about your moving processes. You must make sure that you have all the documents and requirements to proceed with your inquiry.


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